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SmartTradeFX Launches SmartTraderV1.0

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by SmartTradeFX, Dec 1, 2009.

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    Dec 1, 2009
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    Nov 26, 2009 – Smarttradefx announced today the launch of SmartTradeFX.com a new FX brokerage company. SmartTradeFX is focusing on bringing in a new standard of trading, with a state of the art platform that will satisfy the needs of professional Forex traders, money managers and experienced Forex day traders.

    “Over the past few years brokers started to focus more on new traders, and managed to alienate the professional money managers. Our platform The SmartTrader manages to give both sides exactly what they have been looking for,” commented Arthur Smelyansky, the COO of SmartTradeFx. “The market is ripe for a new platform to define the benchmark that all other brokers will try to measure themselves against; The SmartTrader V1.0 will fill that void.”

    The SmartTradeFX.com offering includes:
    - A new state of the art trading platform, the SmartTrader V1.0. One click trading, chart based order entry, algorithmic trading, and back testing capabilities.
    - A protective margin policy- which limits risk to funds on deposit, guaranteeing against negative account balances with a warning and a liquidation system.
    - Wireless trading capabilities – provides traders with anytime, anywhere access to their accounts, a must for any trader.
    - A free 30-day demo account- allows traders to practice in a live environment without risking any capital.
    - Any amount trading- no more fixed lots, you decide how much you want to trade whether its 1 unit or 21,038,981 units.
    - Hedging capabilities and tiered leverage system of up to 200:1
    - Extensive manual for the professional trader and a video manual for those that are just starting out.

    “SmartTradeFX will allow us to serve all types of traders on one state of the art platform, plus we are currently working on adding FX Options and Forwards, Futures, CFDs, and stocks to the SmartTrader. The SmartTrader will become the only platform you will ever need” according to Mr. Smelyansky.

    For more information feel free to visit our website Smart Trade FX

    SmartTradeFX a new FX brokerage

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