Smarttradefx nonpayment of deposited funds

I closed my account with Smarttradefx on Monday 25th July 2011 and I have been trying to retrive my trading account funds ever since, my funds were sent to "click and buy" which is there funding avenue. My funds have been blocked by click and buy with no explanation and I am unable to get in contact with anyone. Smarttradefx is pointing the finger at "click and buy" and I am not receiving any response from click and buy. The phone number that I have been given is a dead end, I have spent hours trying to get thru, my e-mails go unanswered. I used these guys (smarttradefx) because of all the great ratings on Forex Peach Army reviews, the reviews are all glowing, has any one else had any problems with either Smarttradefx, or there funding processor "click and buy"? Thanks in advance. Mike
Did you pay by credit card? If so, contact your issuing bank and ask for the fraud department. Show them any emails you have from SmartTradeFx and then request a chargeback.

Ask SmartTradeFx why they still have Click and Buy listed on their website if it is taking client funds. Post their answer here and in the reviews.
It ended with the client getting their money with in 4 business days after requesting it from the broker. Which is well within the norm.
Smarttradefx, I am happy that Mr. Williams withdrawal was processed, considering I also trade with Smarttradefx. Moreover, It is good to know that Smarttradefx has a representative on this website.

My experience with Smarttrade has to this point been very positive, However, I have not yet made a withdrawal request. considering the above, I am confident that will not be an issue.