Smirnov Vitaliy's HSP robot BIG SCAM!!!

Keira Tan

I've bought a robot from a woman name Smirnov VItaliy from Facebook. The robot price is $1500, but I was given a discount to $1200. I paid her by installment, $200 per month.

After I made the first payment, she kept her promise and sent her robot; but not the manual. She explained that many people straight away delete her from Facebook after get the robot and manual. So she demands me to pay her $400 to get that manual.

After $400 is paid, she gave me the manual, and she install the robot for me by Team Viewer. But sadly she only use demo account to show me how the robot works. As I asked her to install on my live account, she said another 'external software' required to trading live. So eventually I've paid for a robot only works on demo account! And the external software costs another $1200!

I pay her $200 afterward. And she sent me a software called Arbitrage Viewer. I google this Arbitrage Viewer only cost $250. Then I asked her to enable the robot trading live for me. But she only again install on demo account, and request me to open a account with

I've check this ForexGCG and I found that this broker is a scammer as they always stoploss hunting. So I refuse, and I insist her to install that robot on my current platform. After that she disappeared, always offline on her Facebook, and do not reply me. Even worst, today (3/18/2013) she removed me as friend. At the afternoon, her Facebook page can't be found anymore.
HSP robot claims to belong to Stella Oronney. is that the same person as Smirnov Vitaliy?
I dunno if they are the same person. But if you check the homepage of HSP robot, the women's picture of both of them are the same.
Send an invite to Stella/Smirnov and ask her/them to please join the discussion here.
Last night I've opened a new Facebook to talk to her. I demanded she to refund my money back, but guess what, she blocked me again.