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Hi all,

Newbie here. Tried searching prior posts for my topic, but with no luck.

I eventually plan on doing both SNW and Diamonds together. However, I can only afford one at the moment. Those who have (or had) subscriptions to both, what would be your recommendation on which one to join?

Also, I read a lot on here about even when the buy/sell button is hyperclicked by SNW, it doesn't always enter the position. Is MB Trading pretty good at getting in when SNW does its job, or do you get the infamous pop-up window that says price no longer valid?


I haven't used SNW (my internet is too slow to make it very successful), but have seen reactions from people in the Diamonds room. Some brokers just won't fill, some will fill at a much worse price, and some will partially fill some orders.

Finding a "good" broker for SNW is more challenging than finding a good broker for technical trades. Most people who have a good SNW broker don't share the info for one very obvious reason. A handful of people doing well on news spikes may not be much of a blip on a broker's radar screen. Announce that you've found a great broker for SNW publicly and let a few hundred people start using the same broker at the same time on the same news events and the broker will definitely notice. Bucketshop brokers will quickly realize that they are losing a LOT of money and then SNW suddenly won't work nearly so well (or at all) with that broker.
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