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Searching So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

Help me find a company
I'm trading manually with XM and have arbitrage account with Grinta-Invest. Currently happy with both of them
While they are really very expensive and more focused to stocks and futures trading i only could say good things about SaxoBank and Swissquote.

They both have bank license and provides an IBAN at your own name for deposits therebefore your funds are insured up to 100.000 EUR/CHF. Obviously if you are scalping the costs of these brokers are insane, but in my case that i mostly do fundamental analysis and mantain open positions sometime for years they are a good option.
GlobalPrime is an A-book broker only, true ECN/STP

I don't know who else is. I been looking for that answer myself that you are after and havent found anyone else. The answer is probably there. Im in Australia and in Australia it seems GP is the only one. You may have more luck elsewhere in the world.
I've been using Weltrade and it's working fine. I had to ask a question about a withdrawal and the support answered quickly.
Hello Troops,

I'm feeling a little burned out by hearing nothing but scam, Scam, SCAM all day long. I have a broker that I don't like. The reason I haven't changed is that I'm worried a new one would be worse.

So, what I really want is to hear from as many of you as possible. If you've used a broker and like them, tell about that in this thread. Please include information about how long you've traded live with the broker and how the withdrawal process went.

1. Write in your own words. Don't copy advertising from the broker's website. There's enough of that in the Spammers Hall of Shame already.

2. Give some useful information. "Broker A is great!" doesn't tell anyone how good the broker really is.

3. Not everyone will like the same brokers. If you disagree with another person who posts, please do so respectfully.

4. If you work for the broker, mention that in the first sentence of your post.

5. If you have any other financial relationship with the broker other than being a happy customer, mention that in the first sentence. This thread is in the Commerce Zone, so commercial links are permitted. You can put in an affiliate link. If you do, tell everyone why they should use your link instead of going straight to the broker's website.

6. If I catch anyone breaking rule 4 or rule 5, the consequences won't be pleasant. I'm also hoping that everyone will follow rules 1-3. I'd like this thread to be useful, not a spam war or a flame war.

One other request. As long as you are writing such nice things about your broker, go ahead and leave them a review here at the FPA too.
I find that ICMarkets are a good all rounder.

You have started an excellent thread. That is a question of many newbies and experienced traders.

People should understand that brokers are the same as banks. I'm a high volume trader. I'd contact the broker before I start the account opening procedure. I tell them about my trading strategies and monthly volume and withdrawal frequencies. I'll make it sure that they are okay with my terms. I'd fill out the registration forms after I deemed it appropriate.

I have to admit that I've heard many rejections or the broker did not fulfil their promises.

Almost a year ago, I crossed to N1CM broker (n1cm.com), and I have found them cooperative, regulated and honest with customers.

I suggest you contact them and see if they can understand your wishes.
Mate, are you still with n1cm.com? How is it going?