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Searching So, are there any brokers anyone likes?

Help me find a company
I have been using some forex brokers. Personally, I prefer an ECN broker with a low spread. Mainly because I’m a bit unsure about the non-ECN brokers. I also prefer those who use MT5. So far my favorite brokers are IC Market, Prime Codex, and Tickmill.
Yes, there are many brokers who are well-liked by investors and traders. Some of the most popular brokers in the industry include REMOVED.

FPA Forums Team Note: This thread is for people to post information about brokers they have personally used and liked, not for a list of popular brokers.
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Hello Troops,

I'm feeling a little burned out by hearing nothing but scam, Scam, SCAM all day long. I have a broker that I don't like. The reason I haven't changed is that I'm worried a new one would be worse.

So, what I really want is to hear from as many of you as possible. If you've used a broker and like them, tell about that in this thread. Please include information about how long you've traded live with the broker and how the withdrawal process went.

1. Write in your own words. Don't copy advertising from the broker's website. There's enough of that in the Spammers Hall of Shame already.

2. Give some useful information. "Broker A is great!" doesn't tell anyone how good the broker really is.

3. Not everyone will like the same brokers. If you disagree with another person who posts, please do so respectfully.

4. If you work for the broker, mention that in the first sentence of your post.

5. If you have any other financial relationship with the broker other than being a happy customer, mention that in the first sentence. This thread is in the Commerce Zone, so commercial links are permitted. You can put in an affiliate link. If you do, tell everyone why they should use your link instead of going straight to the broker's website.

6. If I catch anyone breaking rule 4 or rule 5, the consequences won't be pleasant. I'm also hoping that everyone will follow rules 1-3. I'd like this thread to be useful, not a spam war or a flame war.

One other request. As long as you are writing such nice things about your broker, go ahead and leave them a review here at the FPA too.
I really feel youuuuuu like, when you come into forex related forums, it looks as if there are just professional traders who never lose their positions, but brokers always steal their money :D that is interesting. I am not going to take advice from the comments too, i believe this could be a good post to find paid advertisers :D
Hello guys,

i'm an ICMarkets user since 2020, and i honestly need to say that they are a very reliable broker, the spreads are very competitive, no disconection during news/high volatility sessions, excelent customer service, excelent response time from email support, withdrawal usually takes 3-5 business days and is ok because they are a broker based in AU and i'm in EU, but if u are a resident in AU u can receive the withdrawal with the regional bank that usually takes 1-2 business days.

I will attach the proof that i'm really an user of ICMarkets since 2020, in the top right half u can se the date.
Hmmmm no i am still looking for lets say reliable brokers, i heard that FPA has 17k++ broker database, but in the review just under 1000 i think, i need to access all the list that FPA have for trade copier

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If you know if any live broker or other trading site we don't have listed, there is an Add New Site button on the main review page...

@4evermaat is there a reason why u replied my message with a laugh emoji?
Probably because your post quite resembles to what an IB would say about a broker he partners with.
Hope you realise that, in case you are, being from EU, you should disclose any monetary or nonmonetary arrangements, when promoting or soliciting publicly or privately.
Go Markets

Have been using them for a couple of years now, and they are first rate.
Their spreads are very good, their funding and withdrawals times are excellent. Their support is excellent, and very fast. Reliable platform, and highly recommended. Have used a different broker prior to Go Markets, but had a few issues with their platform performance. Thats why I changed.
Had similar issue with a broker, their platform does seem very slow at points if you are looking for a quick move. +1 for recommendation on Go Markets, they have been great
I have been using some forex brokers. Personally, I prefer an ECN broker with a low spread. Mainly because I’m a bit unsure about the non-ECN brokers. I also prefer those who use MT5. So far my favorite brokers are IC Market, Prime Codex, and Tickmill.
I-See-Bucketshop???? :rolleyes: :eek::eek::eek: