So, are there any brokers anyone likes?


Hello, has anyone tried
I keep seeing that name pop up. It might have been Triantus talking about it. Use that search in the upper-right corner of the page and you can find every time it got mentioned in the forums.

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Hi troops, Ive been trading with Traders-Hideout for two years now. And I have never had a problem with anything with them. If there is a problem they normally fix it within a working day ot less. Good spreads, good platform etc. really can recommend this company for forex trading.


Hello friends
while evaluating, please mention the number of years you have account with your broker and good as well as bad experiences. As you know the number one problem in Forex industry is availability of an honest broker, world over traders are sufferring due to that. Hence your correct feedback will save lot of people lots of money. Thanks



I just wanted to share my experience with worldwidemarkets. I had an account with them for more than 3 months, and everything is working as expected. Trades are fine and no issues with withdrawals. I gave them an excellent review.
You should know however that their spreads are fixed and can be high for some currencies.


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Anybody can post anything - it is all unverifiable! Anyone can register here - even the winner of the scammer of the year award can post a positive review about his next venture.

So I would have a couple of points/questions, if that is alright:

1. What would interest me, is hearing from those who run this site, taking position about some brokers, that are legitimate.

2. This site is FULL of fly-by-night shops... when I see one of the advertisers list in their contact information a "Dr. Alex K.", that doesn't reassure me. I don't even know why such shops are even being considered in the running... they'll run a show for a few years, before they have enough established clientele to just disappear with everything. When I see a corporate website, I can see who is running it - they show the senior management and board of directors, with a picture and full name, pedigree, etc, they'll mention in an easily verifiable manner their licenses etc. I would like to hear more about the latter, and less about the former, when it comes to talking about "good experiences" and "recommended brokers". For this, we need attention, intervention, direction, and leadership from those who run this site - for them to intervene and have an appropriate section with legitimate companies, and reviews about those.


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I have try this Broker ..

Other Regulated Broker (Belize, Mauritius and other) :
1. Octafx
2. Roboforex
3. Instaforex
4. Agea / Marketiva
5. FBS
6. FXOpen
7. Nord FX
8. Armada Market

Regulated Broker (FSA, NFA, CFTC, FCA, ASIC):
2. Hirose UK

And Im Still Can't Find The Best and Fit For Me as Scalper .. :rolleyes:
Any Suggested Friend ? :confused:


I was trading with Hot forex since 2009 and able to withdraw my profits, its a good broker and hope for more success trading with them.


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Hi 1st Lieutenant,

I dealt with 4 REGULATED brokers (real money) : Saxobank, ACM, UBS & GFT. Excepted one I cannot complain.

I'm dealing majors (intra-day) for about 3-4 years with DUKASCOPY, Geneva. I'm very happy with the platform: same ECN prices for everybody, prompt execution in volatile times, SL respected.

Withdrawal exactly like with my prime bank...


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I've found a new tool to research broker performance.
I noticed on the MYFXBOOK WEBSITE, that you get a realtime picture of all broker's spreads sampling for 10 different pairs.
These are all the brokers that deal with myfxbook.
I picked out the best ones, clicked on their details, and you then get a comparison for each spread, versus all the various brokers.
It seems to be always the same brokers who have a MASSIVE difference in spreads, either in the positive or negative, with all the others. While most have a deviation of a few pips at most, the worse ones have deviations in the hundreds of pips!
Attention, I'm not spamming! I'm just posting some links to better illustrate what I'm talking about.
Here are the brokers, and the spreads in realtime: Spreads | Myfxbook
I picked one out of the bunch, that consistently had very low spreads (in their 25,000euro min deposit account - this illustrates the importance of verifying which account they are quoting) Compare Sensus Capital Markets Broker Quotes | Myfxbook
and you will notice, that while the majority of brokers have a deviation in the less than one pip, some brokers have very large differences. (at the time of writing this, AVA had a difference of over 450 pips!). My best guess, is that the brokers with the insane spreads are actually acting as market makers, quoting prices that favor their position in a pair, until the market evens out.
You can get other useful information from that website too, like volume per pair, if you want to make sure that your orders get prompt execution in volatile times.
How to navigate their site: look at the menu bar on top, right below the top banner ad. on the right, there is a tab called brokers. under brokers, you'll see useful comparisons like spreads, swaps, volume.

According to that website, the brokers that I have identified, at the time I was perusing the site, as having abnormal discrepancies with the market, are the following:
(note that some only have severe discrepancies in some pairs - for example, Admiral markets does well on most pairs, but at time of writing, they had more than 900 pips difference with the market mean on the CADCHF pair, but seemed OK with most other pairs I click on. mind you, it's not the worse in the list... at the same moment, Easyforex has a 2.1K pips difference on the AUDCHF pair!).

This list compiled with the following pairs on 24 March 2014 afternoon gmt-4, by simply adding the pips spread of all of them:
afx capital
ava fx
exness ecn
forex place
fxPrimus ecn
gallant capital markets pro
gftforex (XAU)
trader's way

Later on, 25march2014 02:00 with the following pairs:
(note, this isn't your usual roster of pairs, to get a better random sampling (yet nothing too exotic), rather than the pairs many brokers lower, knowing those may be the only ones looked at (ie: EURUSD))
afx capital
ava fx
exness ecn
forex broker inc
forex place
fx solutions
fxPrimus ecn
gallant capital markets pro
gftforex (XAU)
roboforex fix cent
x-trade brokers
Some had a sum-total of all spreads in pips that were abnormally high. Those include: AFX, FIBI, FXstart, Ikon, Instafored, Liteforex,, Sunbird. As you will note, when you move off the beaten path of advertised pairs, the picture can change quite a bit.

I could give you the brokers that consistently showed lowest spreads. However, that may be misleadign and unfair for some of them, because it doesn't give you the complete picture: do they use a platform like MT4 where they can see your stops and orders, how much slippage is there with their servers (or business model), and what is the latency on trades and fullfillment rate and execution time? If you are quoting the world's lowest spreads but make up for it my inserting slippage, what good are those numbers?
For example, the company AGEA has chosen to establish their offices in a country where forex is NOT regulated - if they took this decision, will you make the decision to trust them and their numbers?

Also, don't forget that you still need to do your due dilligence (homework), on many things, including whether they are regulated, where the office that handles YOUR geographical location is regulated and if you have the same guarantees or recourses as their other clients dealing with their main office, etc.

Please feel free to add, update, or correct this list, to keep it current.
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MetaTrader 5 - or reasons to demand MT5 from your broker

MetaTrader 5 seems to offer many advantages, including preventing your broker from seeing your stops and making it harder to manipulate the market data fed to you. So why are so few brokers offering MT5? I've asked some that I have an open account with, and the two most frequent answers I get are:
* not compatible with old EAs
* the clients don't ask for it
Having a computer background myself, I'm skeptical about the first point, because this should be backwards compatible. And if any changes are required, they should be simple to code... start by backtesting and see if your EA still performs as expected.
As for the second point, I think that customers entering forex either trust their broker's advice (they should know best, right?), don't know the difference or why they should ask for it.

Here are some very good reasons to insist on MT5:
(I got this information from the sensus-capital website)

No market making – Guaranteed
Free of trader intervention. No conflicts of interest can arise between dealer and client
Trading with more currency pairs, CFDs, plus extended instruments
Smallest trading batches from 0.01 lots (micro-lots)
More transparency than ever before with the insight into the order book
One-Click Trading – Place your orders with just one click
Professional charting possibilities free-of-charge (note: this sounds interesting... and certainly a motive for Autochartist to not support MT5)
Advanced options in the order execution
Large number of technical indicators (38)
Integrated backtesting – More opportunities for programmers and users to test and use their systems within the MetaTrader 5
Expert Advisors can be developed with the programming language MQL5
Trailing stops, automated of Stop Loss and Take Profit orders
MQL5 Cloud Network – Global network for the exchange of trading strategies
ECN/STP Forex Trading offers you a transparent trading environment
DMA (Direct Market Access) – direct access to the Interbank market
Anonymity of trading – the price setter cannot view the Stop Loss, Take Profit or Pending orders
MQL-Market – Official onlineshop to buy and sell MQL programs
No trading restrictions, scalping is possible and permitted
Multilingual – available in more than 24 languages
Risk management – automated trade warnings and signal reports
Data export in real time via a DDL interface
Daily updated account information
For more information on MT5, follow this link:

After educating ourselves, I think there is a plain and simple solution: demand MT5. I'm sure that there are many, well-financed traders out there, who are satisfied with their brokers, using MT4. Let me re-phrase that: I'm sure there are brokers out there, treating their best, most lucrative customers well, by not scamming them, although MT4-server makes it easy to do. Knowing what I know now, even if I was one of those rich clients, would I want to risk my money with a broker, who at any moment, might give in to temptation to resort to deperate measures to save their company?

Unfortunately, I'm having a very hard time finding brokers that offer MT5. Check first: some websites claim to offer it, but after chatting with support, it turns out they don't!

I think money talks... if we vote with our money, by taking our business elsewhere, brokers will be forced to listen, and finally offer MT5 whether they like it or not.

I have uncovered the following brokers for you to check out, that, as of March 24, 2014, seem to be offering MT5.
Admiral Markets
ActivTrades (Advantage account)
EXness ECN
Mig Bank
RoboForex (ECN and Pro)
Sensus Capital Markets
Vantage FX (standard)

Of course, check the spreads, try the demo, make only the minimum deposit to get an idea of slippage, lag and order execution delays, and of course, check where they are regulated.
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