So much Trade12


People! A lot of you wrote about this TRADE12 Company already. I read all your reviews and I want to share my story with you by posting my thread here.
My story began when I invested 250 dollars three months ago. My “personal” broker (his name was Adam Morgan) called me and showed how to open position on GOLD. I did as he told me and WOW my profit was 2.7 dollars. So this how we worked at first – he called me, told what volume, sell or buy and that’s all. When I asked about anything his answers were really short. In two weeks we managed to earn 24 dollars. Then he insisted to increase my account and I deposited 1400 dollars. But in three days broker advised me to open position on NGAS, as a result on my account left only 4.43 dollars. Don’t know what happened, maybe I did something wrong, maybe not…but when I tried to call to broker he didn’t pick up the phone. That was my last time when I tried to work on stock markets or FOREX.