Soehoe is a website scam professional


I do research on the internet to find a good robot, and also improve my own robot.

I enrolled on soehoe and find interesting script. but I notice that these are scam script, all scripts are scam, after talking with progammer-have had all of MQL5 EA cracker, the worse it is no secret.

I pay it myself and it scam people, I pay twice for a script twice and the source code is decompile by another robot, I want my money back and after-nothing, indonesia people.

This website should close, professional scammer and abusing new person to scam their money.

even the owner does not hide to sell robot that had a crack, I think it outrageous. :mad::mad::mad:


Software intended to crack other software is often used for illegal purposes. Cracked software itself is illegal. One shouldn't be surprised that someone selling tools to commit crimes and also stolen software might decide to rip off clients directly.


I'm agree.
Moderators are not doing their job on SoeHoe forum. I denounced several scammers but they continue to sell their products on the forum

That site is really dangerous for beginners in trading !

boy pasmo

i Beg to differ with you people. Soehoe is a legitimate site with legitimate traders. Yes i agree with you that some scammers have somewhat infiltrated the site. but those monkeys were everywhere. They dominate the Facebook "forex groups". All forex groups to be exact. Telegram, whatsapp, name it and they are there.

Somehow, forex factory moderators are good at spotting them.

Soehoe, on the other hand is a different story. Their moderators where not "active" in monitoring. They will only flagged you if someone reports you.

It is in soehoe that i found someone who will make EA's for free. I got awesome indicators and exchange knowledge with fellow traders for free in soehoe

those monkeys by the way are easy to spot. they are the ones who have a "cartoonish" command of the english language, and they prey on every opportunity which is kinda laughable.

They say "outrageous statements" like "my EA just made 5000usd last week and i will sell it to you for 50usd"... so would you believe it?

Their presence add a comedic atmosphere to the site. But I agree with you here, they are dangerous to beginners.