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Discuss SolidECN.com

General discussions of a financial company

True ECN Broker Raised from Trader for Traders

FPA, Thank you for approving our account and giving us the chance to present our products in the best trading forum of all time.
Solid ECN Securities CEO

Dear readers

I’m Zane, the official representative and the CEO at Solid ECN Securities. This is the topic made for the purpose of presenting our products, features, assisting traders, and receiving their feedback in order to upgrade our services.

I could start with shrewd crafty phrases such as “ we are a global forex broker” or “ a Market Leader”, but that wouldn’t be the verisimilitude we'd be looking for. We don’t wish any of the dear FPA members to have a wrong idea or euphemism of the nature of our business. We have established this company to make a change in the business float, and make the trading transparent for real.

We can state with confidence that Solid ECN is a neat and steady bridge designed for trading the world, but with one major difference in comparison to similar companies.​

We don't book > We don't have a pool > We don't bet

This topic will be about answers and transparency, and I hope you stay with us. Meanwhile, I suggest reading The FPA topic about "How to Establish a Forex Broker". It will be a grand help to choose your broker wisely.​
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True ECN Broker Raised from Trader for Traders

We are a team of 5 with more than a decade of experience in trading, IT, and brokerage development. Gradually over the years, we collected priceless information on the market demands. We have learned how to safeguard and secure the trading environment on contracts.


It was in early 2019, that we were determined to establish an independent bridge/hub to protect our accounts and trades. It was at that time we came up with the idea of Solid ECN Securities. We started with a self-developed platform, but due to the trading demands, the platform could meet our minimums only. Therefore, we stepped up and made it to the next level.

We formed the company and hired more experts to expand the Solid ECN Securities brand worldwide. The pillar of the company is to provide secure trading without discrimination.

Guide to Create a New Account

True ECN Broker from traders for traders

Solid ECN made the account opening procedure fast, simple and secure. It takes 2 minutes or less to create your first account with Solid ECN.

We made a step by step video tutorial of the registration process at Solid ECN.

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No Deposit Fee

True ECN Broker from Traders for Traders

Secure Payment.png

The commission our customers pay for adding funds to their trading accounts via any payment options is zero at Solid ECN.

When a transaction is made to a trading account, a part of the transferred amount is deducted by the payment processor as commission. Solid ECN covers transaction fees, and we named it the Solid-Cover! All clients of Solid ECN receive the actual deposit with no deduction instantly to their trading account.

Good Features in brief:

> Instant Deposit: Deposit to your trading account to catch the market opportunities instantly
> No Fee: No fee applies on any transaction of yours
> Receive Full Amount: Receive the actual deposit with no deduction instantly to your trading account.

Payment Methods​

True ECN Broker from Traders for Traders


Solid ECN Securities added more than 50 cryptocurrencies to its payment system. Our clients at Solid ECN can manage their account funding by a wide range of cryptos, from bitcoin to Zilliqa, all are available as the account funding option at Solid-Dashboard.

Solid ECN took this step to offer cost-effective payment methods for its customers. The blockchain transfer fee of the major cryptocurrencies have been increasing, therefore, retails are oriented to try the alternatives.

With Solid ECN, any trader can take advantage of +50 crypto payments.

> It is secured;
> It is undisclosed;
> it is decentralized.

How do you fund your account? Please comment below, we value your feedback.

Solid ECN Products

True ECN Broker, from Traders for Traders


A professional method to secure assets reasonably is diversified trading. Trading on limited numbers of instruments was never suggested by the market leaders and hedge funders. They always spread their investments among commodities, indices, and or currencies. Diversity is one of the many keys to having success in the trading world.

At Solid ECN, clients have access to trade the world with high leverage whilst the spread is tightened at its minimum. You can create your dealing basket to enjoy the product diversity with Solid ECN. We strive to offer our customers the most popular and trending products, and we made a live and long list of trading instruments.

As of writing the list contains 250 products including. Open a free demo account here to see the whole list.

> Forex (Major | Crosses | Minor)
> Precious Metals (Gold | Silver | Palladium | Platinum)
> Energy (Brent | WTI)
> Indices (spot)
> Nasdaq
> EPA (Adidas | British American Tobacco | BMW | Airbus and more …)
> Cryptocurrencies (Cardano | Algorand | BNB | Dogecoin | Ripple and more …)​

You name it, we have, and if we don’t, we’ll add it

Solid ECN Affiliate Program

True ECN Broker, from Traders for Traders

Solid-Account Types.png
Become part of the Solid ECN Affiliate Program and be a member of one of the most profitable affiliate programs globally. Start earning a tangible income from your existing traffic.

With an affiliate program that grants the highest conversion rates, an extensive generous payment plan with the highest commission percentage available, Solid ECN is your safe trustworthy companion.

At Solid ECN we enable our affiliates by offering technology, support, and tailored tools (including banners and widgets) to have a world-class, hassle-free experience!

> High-end Commissions
> True ECN/STP Execution
> Competitive Commission Model
> Global Payment Methods
> Fast & on-time Payments
> Marketing Materials & Generous Promotions
> 24/7 Client Support
> Daily Tracking and Reporting​

hi. what about withdrawal fees? im interested in crypto deposit and withdrawals


Thank you for engaging in this discussion.

Solid ECN doesn't apply any charges nor fees on transactions. Solid ECN covers both deposit and withdrawal fees.