SolidTrustPay payments provider

Hello FPA,

My name is Clodoaldo, and 02/24/2011 I made wire transfer from SolidTrustPay to my bank account, but until now SolidTrustPay not paid me.

follow attached file with my details account.

I need help to receive my money.



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SolidTrust Pay

Response from you not received

In regards to your pending withdrawal request, due to the incoming nature of your deposits and the risk associated with them, our payments department has contacted you and asked for the reason for your withdrawal, given the nature of your deposits. We have not received your reply now for many days.

Please check your email and respond directly to our payments department. Thank you.


I would assume the answer would be obvious. He's taking money out of his online payments processing account because he would like real cash in his bank account. What he intends to do with that cash is not the business of anyone but him.

If there's some issue with the deposits, SolidTrust should be upfront about that and tell the client they are investigating and state a reasonable timeframe to complete any necessary checks on the account. Saying that the company needs to know why a client is making a withdrawal before processing a withdrawal is a pathetic excuse that just screams SCAM.

I move money in and out of PayPal all the time. I've never once been asked why I was making a withdrawal.
Hello SolidTryusPay,

I never received email of You, but I sent a lot of and You not answered me neither.

Yesterday I received the email below.

I'm still waiting for my money,

Enviadas: Quarta-feira, 23 de Março de 2011 10:13:51
Assunto: Pending Wire Request

Hello Clodoaldo,

We are contacting you today with regards to your recent forum posting in regards to your pending bank wire from February 24th, 2011.

As a policy, SolidTrust Pay reviews all transactions, incoming and outgoing. In reviewing your transaction request, it was noted that there were two Credit Card deposits completed on February 22, 2011, then a wire withdrawal request on February 24th. We do understand that clients change their minds after doing a deposit, however, we do have to question these transactions. We have seen on a couple of occasions, deposits being completed this way, then being withdrawn and once the withdrawal is completed, a chargeback is initiated. We follow up on these transactions to ensure that this does not occur.

It is a requirement, for all SolidTrust Pay members that wish to use their Credit/Debit Cards as a funding option for their SolidTrust Pay accounts, to complete the Credit Card Authorization (No Refund/No Chargeback) Form.

We have attempted to contact you via email on a couple of occasions to have this form completed. The most recent request was on March 11th, through a Support Ticket that was submitted.

The following is the response that was sent to you from our Support Team, to which we have received no reply.

hank you for contacting SolidTrust Pay Support.

I am happy to assist you:

We are awaiting a copy of the form at completed as your source of funds was your credit card. we have asked several times with no reply.
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

We ask that you please click on the above hyperlink and complete the form in full and have a copy of a recent statement and scan of the card sent to either or as soon as possible so that we can complete your withdrawal request.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Kind Regards,

SolidTrust Pay Payments Department Manager


Здравствуйте, мы вчера 11 января перечислили с SolidTrustPay на Give1Get4 40 и 60 долларов, но они до сих пор не пришли и человек не может себя активировать в личном кабинете!!! Подскажите в чём причина, где деньги задержались или к кому можно позвонить и решить эти проблемы?


Благодарю - это всё здорово... Но как мне вернуть свои деньги или узнать когда они придут в Give1Get4?:))