some scam from germany...


Hello there,
i want to report from a thingy in germany, where the website Metatrader gives out some demo's from "own programmed expert advisors" which runs for 2-4 weeks, and then should be paid.
Since yesterday they give out the "forex-giga EA", under this link here: kostenloses Handelssystem , there you can download the demo, the manual and some settings (basic, conservative, aggressive). The cost if you buy it is 799 Euro. LOL. First what i saw was that's a 1:1 copy of Euro Blaster, without any changing in settings or manual, all 1:1. Unbelievable. They have other sides also, like FX Forex Host Turbo EA automatisietes Handelssystem , Forex Deluxe Iwok Expert AdvisorForex Handelssystem forex trading system best performance trading automatisiert iwok, kostenloses Handelssystem, and so on. All the same style and i think all from same owner.

Just a warning for everyone. Be carefull, have a look there, pick up the demo and look for your own...

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