Someone has filed a Traders Court case against my company. What can I do?

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Someone has filed a Traders Court case against my company. What can I do?

First, examine the complaint the trader has filed. Many complaints are not a company scamming a client or a client trying to scam a company. Many are simple misunderstandings. Clear and professional communication with the client may be all that’s needed to quickly resolve a complaint.

If that doesn’t work, you have several choices. The good choices are…

You can get into the complaint thread in Scam Alerts and present your company’s side of the issue. By this time, the client has invited you to join, so you can’t easily claim that it is against privacy rules to discuss specifics of the case. Just remember to not post any personally identifying information that the client hasn’t already posted. Posting in a calm and rational manner, laying out all the facts as simply as possible is the best way to get your point across.

You can join a 3-way email discussion between your company, your client, and the FPA. This sometimes can be the quickest way to clear up an issue. If you decide to try to use this to stall on an issue, you'll find that the FPA does not view stalling as a valid way to get your point across.

If you ask, your representative in the forums can be given access to the Traders Court case while it is still in the Case Preparations folder. While it is there, only a the client and a few other people can see it. Once it moves to the Open Cases folder, it will be publicly visible.

The bad choices are…

Attacking the client, FPA members, or the FPA will not make resolving the issue likely. If the issue is just a simple misunderstanding, this sort of abuse will drive clients and potential clients away from your company.

Ignoring the issue won’t make it go away. FPA members are asked to vote according to all available evidence. If your company presents no evidence, members will vote based only on what the client has presented.

I've seen company reps handle complaints in ways that gave traders confidence in the company's ability to quickly and fairly fix problems. I've seen company reps destroy a company's reputation by making the most idiotic posts. I've seen companies lose a case when providing the correct information might have shown that they didn't really owe the money. This article is my advice on how to professionally represent a company at the FPA...

Hiding complaints is a bad idea. Instead, showcase how your company deals with issues.

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