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Someone posted my copyrighted material at the FPA

Discussion in 'Forex Peace Army FAQ and Knowledge Base' started by AsstModerator, Nov 5, 2015.

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  1. AsstModerator

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    Dec 11, 2007
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    Someone posted my copyrighted material at the FPA

    The Forex Peace Army is strongly supportive of international copyright laws. If you see your material being used in violation of copyright laws, please get in touch with us immediately using the form below.

    Be aware that people commenting on your work can legally quote small portions as examples. If this wasn't so, most book reviewers would be in jail. Your company name and even logo can be posted under "fair use" principles to identify the company. If this wasn't so, a forum about software couldn't discuss Microsoft products. Please look these up or consult with an intellectual property specialist before making a claim that will quickly be rejected.

    On the other side of the issue, the FPA has caught members reposting trade analysis from other sites and even posting copies of copyrighted software. As soon as the FPA becomes aware of such an issue, the material is removed. Depending on the exact circumstances, the user may be permanently banned from the Forex Peace Army.

    Please use the form below. Include a link to where the copyrighted material is and the username of the person who made the post. If its a thread with multiple posts, please include the post number to make it easier for us to check on it. If the material is displayed on your side, please include a link to the original. If not, please explain, Attach screenshots if that will help make the situation more clear.

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