I have been a victim of many Binary and Forex schemes. I have stopped all the trading but Somi convinced me to invest with as the best trusted binary option broker. I had been drowned to the nose with over $100K of credit cards debts. But she promised that this system can get me out of this situation. She said she can get the withdraw by eclipse with no issues. Somi confirmed that non of her customers had issues with money withdraw.

I and my one of my friend had a joint investment to assess this system to verify the authenticity of the system before we both and many of our friends opening individual accounts.

But now our account has gone to zero balance from $90K. I have requested refund the money ASAP TBS have taken from our eclipse finance account as commission every month due to failure to provide agreed service and security.

Somi has been dishonest with us and she promised to increase trading size to 1500 and we have increased the investment. But trading size increased to $200 only. She was never been able to contact since then. We were adviced that trading size has been set by eclipse. If so who has authorized eclipse to increase in to $17500 suddenly?

There were 17500 trading size and few other large amounts traded to get all the balances to nill. But Eclipse now says they do not restrict trading size.

We have attended contacting TBS via email and chat but all ignored. There hundreds of users affected most of are invested USD 100K. We need to get both TBS and eclipse to Justice.


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First, learn from your mistakes. Once you are a victim, your contact info will get circulated to other scam companies. Anyone calling or emailing out of the blue with a "great investment opportunity" or a "chance to recover your prior losses" has only one thing in mind - taking more of your money away from you.

With the amounts you are talking about, professional assistance may be your best option. Contact WinChargeback and lay out the situation to them.
Pharaoh, could you please check the Court Preparation case I openend against TBS and Eclipse? I can see it nowhere. Maybe I look at the wrong place...
I filled out the submission form and all the documents are downloaded seccessfully.
But in the Court Case Preparation Folder I see nothing...
Did you click the SAVE button at the bottom after loading all the documents?