SPAM Does anyone have any suggestions for Epay payment processing?

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Hi all, have you ever heard of a payment processing company called epay global payment?I'm processing payments on it and I've got a few problems with it. I used paypal as my main method before and only recently started using this API.Well, I ususally make use of eWallets in order to deposit and withdraw my profits. I have had absolutely no problems when use the computer for its operations and it works well. However, i prefer to use the app. But the question is I can't scan QR code on the website to get the app due to the problem of my smartphone. In this case, i want to download it at goole play or apple store, but i can't find it at all. Does anyone have any suggestions? Really a nice choice for payment processing because it is free!!

Sylvia, since you work for, why don't you ask one of your coworkers where to find the app you need instead of spamvertising about your company in the Scam Alerts folder?


Now go tell your boss that you just permanently connected the name of to scam complaints.


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LMAO! Trying to ask a fake support question in Scam Alerts. What was this person thinking?

Hey SpamCat - Bon appétit! :D


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Many of these companies outsource their seo work to India, Pakistan, Ukraine or Russia.

These seo companies are handling dozens of clients at a time, and the guys hired there for $150 to $300 per month, are given tasks, such as mass postings on various forums etc.

They are given targets each day, and I guess that is why we see such anomaly from time to time.


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SEO spammers aren't usually given company email addresses. This one had an email address at I think this one was a real company employee.