Spam for Profiforex


Before you fully pitch up with a broke, you need to do the following; carry out an extensive online research about the broker. It will involve reading reviews of other traders who have used the broker, secondly, before funding your account with a single dollar, trade with the broker’s demo account for a period of time and know how the broker operates his platform; then you can go ahead and fund your account for real trading with a small amount, trade for a short time, and try withdrawing. If you are paid, then you are on the right platform. This is why I will stick to profiforex for a long while cause it matched my criteria.

Another spammer, another meal for Spam Cat.

Back then in my days as a Forex newbies, My forex mentor advised me to trade demo with profiforex for 1 whole year before moving it to a real account; I initially opposed, though I didn’t trade the demo account for a whole year, but when I moved over to a real account, I saw the reason why he told me to spend a long time on a demo account trade .