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mike M

Banned - Admin of Traders Hideout posing as a happ
This glowing testimonial by a "user" of Traders-Hideout was left by the administrator of Traders-Hideout.

This is another company that didn't bother to read the rules about commerical postings before spamming in the General Forex Talk folder.

The FPA considers having someone who works for or owns a company posting as a client to be highly unethical.

Just to give my 2 cents.. worth alot more :)
I been live trading on the traders-hideout platform for about 3 months now.
Some of the features it has for scalpers I have never seen anywhere. here are a few:
1. last 10 tiks shown in realtime
2. one-click trading and 1-step full 1:1 hedge..
3. quick order screen with preset tp/sl ratios (2:1 as standard) - already includes the tp/sl - just set the pips you want for TP.
4. quickly open multiple positions so you can exit with staged takeprofit points - this is really cool stuff.
5. They got this chaser that will chase the new limits past the trailing stop - making your tp better.

In the quiick order screen you can see the exact wirse/best case with starts for the position and the impact it will have on your Portfolio

Also - the have a currency strength meter for 1,5,15 minutes and multi-timframe indicator for each symbol saving lots of time looking at charts

needless to say, I highly recommend this thing.
They are still in Beta but many serious scalpers/hedgers are taking this Platform as their Platfrom of choice.

Oh 1 more thing... (the best for last)
The platform get you best rates from multiple-brokers with dynamic spreads and rollovers that you can use to your advantage. They also got a pips-back program to get money back on brokerage. Really cool stuff.

You can download the platform for free from their site: - The only Trading Platform you need
The got live scalping trading ssessions and platform walkthough just in case you are "lost". the demo is a kika** replication of the real trading which is unusual.

Hope this helps.