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Market rates as if 25/7/2019

Gold 1,424.03 -0.11% -1.55 USD per Troy Ounce 14:55:46 PM
Silver 16.54 -0.35 % -0.06 USD per Troy Ounce 02:52:00 A
Oil 56.12

EUR/USD -0.0687 1.1135 02:50 AM
GBP/USD -0.1161 1.2471 02:50 AM
USD/CAD -0.0609 1.3129 02:50 AM
USD/CHF 0.0305 0.9849 02:50 AM
USD/JPY -0.0277 108.1060 02:50 AM
USD/MXN 0.0220 19.0634 02:50 AM
USD/INR 0.0218 68.9950 02:49 AM
USD/RUB -0.0787 63.2282 02:50 AM
BTC/USD 3.2313 10,101.1797 02:55 AM
ETH/USD 2.4987 221.9086 02:55 AM

USD * 0.898 0.9849 0.8017 108.106
EUR 1.1135 * 1.0969 0.8929 120.38
CHF 1.0153 0.9117 * 0.814 109.7634
GBP 1.2471 1.1203 1.2285 * 134.8406
JPY 0.0093 0.0083 0.0091 0.0074 *

current news for today:
short term decisions by central bank, to impact global economy in the long run.
Central banks making decisions which may create problems in the long run by storing up problems for later by taking action to ensure the economic expansion stays on track.
In cutting already low interest rates boost a falling global economy, monetary policy makers risk fueling asset bubbles that may eventually burst and propping up zombie companies that could keep dragging down growth. They’re also encouraging a dangerous build-up in leverage in a world where total debt is already approaching $250 trillion. Global debt jumped $3 trillion in the first quarter of 2019 and now accounts for almost 320% of global economic output according to the Institute of International Finance. Worryingly, companies in emerging markets are increasingly relying on short-term borrowing.

My personal finance broker experience:
If you are looking to start trading, with a reputable broker. I personally have had a very good experience trading with Boston Merchant Financial Network...
They have a lot of diversity when it comes to financial instruments like FX, CFDs on shares and commodities; and they provide the MetaTrader 4 platform which was super convenient and user friendly with their guidance.
I felt like they offered pretty low spreads approximately around 1.4 pips and i used the leverage option of 200:1 but it goes all the way upto 400:1 unlike other brokers...
The best part was I didn't have to pay any brokerage or commissions only the spread, If i'm not wrong their minimum deposit was around $50 I began with $8500 to start with...

If you want, visit their website or get in touch with them, it is

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