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SPAM Participation in market research for new trading platform SPAM

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by mmichael, Aug 30, 2011.

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  1. mmichael

    mmichael Banned Spammer for Digital-MR.com

    Aug 30, 2011
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    AsstModerator Note: I am disappointed in this company. They were discussing the possibility of offering a survey to some FPA members. When asked what broker this new platform would be associated with, they said it was confidential and them went ahead and spammed the FPA's Current Forex Trading Signals.

    Since they won't reveal the broker name, I am suspicious that the broker may already have an FPA scam rating. Trying to post this while still discussing whether or not they even will be allowed to offer the survey is unethical in my opinion. Spamming it inside the Current Forex Signals folder shows a complete lack of respect for the rules of the FPA Forums and the membership of the FPA.

    I recommend against sharing any data with a research company that does things like this.

    Hi everyone,

    Whoever is interested in becoming part of the inner circle of a well known bank please drop me a note. The kick-off will be a 15 minute survey among FX traders to define platform features and value proposition. Based on the results a special community may be formed for co-creation. Incentives will be offered.

    Michalis A. Michael
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