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SpartanFX-The best SPAM trading platform

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by SpartanFX-david, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. SpartanFX-david

    SpartanFX-david Banned Spammer from Spartanfx.asia

    Aug 28, 2012
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    SpartanFX is a professional investment services company, founded in 2010 by some Jewish of United States who go in for finance investment. Our company always provides Foreign Exchange investment, Gold and Silver, Oil, CFD and other trading services.
    SpartanFX sincerely provides clients two trading services: Two Software Trading Platforms and Our Active Portfolio Management. Except for the MT4 of the industry standard, we suggest skilled traders and dealers can operate SpartanFX’s professional platform well—SAT ( SpartanFX AdVantage Trader).
    SpartanFX’s investment and research team always applies a stringent money management principle, and manages our clients’ portfolio actively with combinations of the Expert Advisors.
    SpartanFX will be powerful weapons for clients trading in Forex Market. Conquer the rest, SpartanFX’s the best.
    As a professional investment services company, we have outstanding advantages and features of the support and services.

    STP model: straight through processing system, No Dealing Desk execution
    Multiple core fees with a volume rebate
    Instant execution, No-quotes
    Professional platform: simple and easy to apply, more stable
    An account supports two platforms
    Masking Stop-losses to leave the positions exposed
    Support 1-click: done the trade just clicking one time
    PAMM can host over 8000 accounts, and trade 0.001lot

    Up to 400:1 leverage
    Support to edit EA strategy by yourself
    There are EAs operating more than 3years to earn stably
    EA trades continuously for 24 hours a day not affected with the network interruption and shutting down the pc
    EA Project of the security deposit to protect clients’ deposit from loss
    Training and analyzing by foreign analysts of over 10 years trading experience

    There are many trading risk in the Forex Market. If the clients’ earns should be more than his lose, he need to improve his trading ability to beat the FX market. SpartanFX’s training is here to help the clients do exactly this.
    SpartanFX is pleased to make available to its clients for an advanced forex trading course which has different grades. And the course authors who all have over 10 years trading experience has made millions of dollars trading the foreign exchange market, and has mentored some successful traders. We encourage everyone, beginner and veteran alike to assess the benefit they can derive from this course.
    Access to trading course:
    SPAM FROM spartanfx.asia
    SpartanFX :: TradeForexOffshore.com :: SPAMMING Center

    Need more information, contact us please. Welcome all traders.

    Web: SpartanFX.asia SPAM SITE
    SpartanFX SPAM SITE TradeForexOffshore.com :: SPAM SITE
    Address: Spartan Management Asia Limited
    Office D, 26/F., Kings Tower No.111 King Lam Street,
    Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Spam Cat wonders why any company would spam its ad into one of the FPA's Education folders.

    Spam Cat recommends against doing business with spammers.

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