Spike trading with Fx Futures

Crazy Cat

Former FPA Special Consultant
Hi guys,

This is Crazy Cat writing. You might remember me from posting the Forex Daily Signals for FPA up until August or so.

As you probably remember, I was and still am a Forex spike trader. That means I use SNW software for automatic entries if the economic announcements (the news) surprise.

While I was still making good money, there were a lot of people who could not trade Forex spikes due to broker issues.

That's why we are making significant changes in our Profit Mongers service where we now start focusing on spike trading on Fx Futures. What is great about Fx Futures, they are more regulated than Forex, and brokers have less space for dirty tricks.

We not only tell people how to spike trade Fx Futures, but even give them a link where they can sign up for an Fx Futures account. So we give specific broker sign up instructions, all the necessary trading needed to adjust to that market (you use such platforms a bit differently than Forex) and finally we provide triggers and live sessions in the Forex and Fx Futures Live room.

If you are interested about what we do, read about our Forex and Fx Trading Live room:
Live Forex Room - News Trading - Forex Trading - Fx Futures Trading

Feel free to email us - there is the contact info right on the website.

Let's face it, it's all about money. If there are other markets that can bring good return on trading the news, I think it's worthy to give a try. Fx Futures spike trading is like Forex spike trading was three years ago.

Crazy Cat


SNW Software?

Hi Crazy Cat,
What is this SNW software you mention? How does one obtain it?