SPOTFN - Waiting for nearly 3 weeks for my withdrawal requests

I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for my withdrawal money from SpotFN.

All of my withdrawals were approved, but I have not received any credits from Spotfn on my credit card.

They requested that I send them an updated bank statement in pdf format, which I just did today. And on the statement, it cleary shows that no credits from Spotfn have been applied.

I have spoke to several people on the phone, most of them telling me that a withdrawal should not take longer than 8 business days after it's approved. It definitely has been longer than 8 business days. I submitted these requests close to 3 weeks ago, and I have not received any money from this company at all.
Hello binaryoptions2000

Try their live support and add the link to this thread, also send them e-mails etc using their contact methods, with link included and your account number.

It is a good idea to add your account number in your next message/reply to hopefully speed things up a bit.

Good luck
There is nothing wrong with my credit card either. I have received credits from other brokers. I have NOT received anything yet, from SpotFN.
Thanks. I asked from the ARN number in the chat and I also emailed them requesting the ARN number. The chat person did not provide me with the arn number.
I got in touch with someone on the live support chat and I sent them the link to this thread. I also emailed them the link to this thread.