I had opened my spotfn account in mid December and by the middle of January I felt that this broker's was unreliable. I decided to withdraw my funds on 1/23/2014 and received multiple delays and then on 2/9/2014 they cancelled my withdrawal request. I submitted a 2nd withdrawal request on 2/9/2014 and whenever I would inquire I got the answer that so many people were withdrawing funds they were backlogged. They would tell me we hope you get your money by the end of the week. When the end of the week came they told me we hope you get your money by the end of next week. The request I made on 2/9/2014 was cancelled on 2/27/2014. I now placed a 3rd request to withdraw my funds in the amount of $210.80 and currently that request is pending.

From the time I made the initial withdrawal request I have been waiting 44 days. Their website states that withdrawals are completed in 2-5 business days.

Bruce Embrey
How did you deposit? If it was by credit card, call the fraud department at your issuing bank. Explain exactly what is happening and ask if a chargeback is warranted.

You can also file a complaint with

What country are you in? Depending on your location, there may be some more options open to you.
This is big time scam. They don't response to any enquiry. They may shut down their business and take away all their money. We should file a combined lawsuit.
I deposited $2300 in 2014 with auto trade option. They said if the trade is unsuccessful we will deposit back your bet. They did 2,3 times and now they claim it as a bonus. Now I have to trade $150000 to get my money back.
If you can't get hold of their Business Support or Compliance dept, try filed a complaint to the right authorities. If you used your credit card, then I would suggest you contact your bank. Ask for the fraudulent department and they may be able to assist, also like Pharaoh said, ask if a chargeback is warranted.

Also we can try together invite them to this thread so the necessary procedures can be taken moving forward. I would also suggest that you stop all trades and deposits.