Upon investing in this Binary Options dealer was told their was fraud and deception by several of their brokers , account to be closed and that I could seek a return of my investment (2015). since then I have been unable to receive that return. It seems that I must pay a Merchants Fees to obtain a refund ($37,500.00) After three (3 ) attempts ending a the fee's being misdirected or diverted to individuals (supplied by employees of Spotfn/Merchant Account, still am unable to obtain the close-out of my account, with constant pressure being applied (including bate and switch tactics). I was promised if I paid half the Merchant Fee. I would receive
half the account. That has changed and a demand for a full fee payment must be made. The Merchant Account I have now found is a part of Spotfn..., A truly deceptive and fraudulent company.

Walter De Felice
Tell them if they want fees, they should deduct those from the transferred amount. What you describe sounds like an excuse to take more of your money.

How did you deposit? When did you deposit?
Wired several times to Spotfn, Bank American Account in New York. Upwards of $30,000.00 in 2014.2015.
Too bad it wasn't credit card. Have a chat with the fraud department at your bank and at SpotFn's bank. Ask about how to file wire fraud charges.
spotFN in Missurie USA.GIF spotFN caught.GIF spotFN got bitched slapped by Missouri Secretary of state. If your from USA you might want to look into this. Im from Canada and have a similar problem with citrades
Pharaoh you might want to look at / or into my last post on spotFN. WarlaMae's problem with them caught my eye cause I used to be a customer of spotFN years ago. I cant remember how much the amount was, but I got it all back. Just tell her to call the fraud department and file a dispute claim (you probably already have) If you look into what I posted, they will not contest it or claims from any other clients. They can declare bankrupsy and mabey skate on that.... I cant even google their main trade platform or my past acount anymore. They realy got hit hard. From USA anyway. Sory abought not passing on my past issuie with spotFn, or other ones, I am still pre-occupied with taking care of Cititrader. It has occured to me I have learned alot from this program and from other reasons without actually knowing it. Thank you. I have never said I was the sharpest knife in the box:)
The drawback is that SpotFN is closed, but there's never any harm in trying a chargeback. Chargebacks have deadlines, so anyone who put in money via card needs to contact their issuing banks TODAY.

BTW - Here's the final order in Missouri's case against SpotFN -

Anyone in the US who's having an issue with a binary broker should contact and may as well also contact their state government too.