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bait & switch

Offered free signals on their facebook page "free trading service always" as of late last week. "Always" must mean "3 days" in german since that service got yanked with a few hours notice only. They offer their 199 euro/month service if you send them a bank wire, which I did since I was doing well with what they offered. No signals after sending the wire. When I tell them they are a scam, they yank my skype access which wasn't giving me signals anyway, erase all my posts off their facebook page & I'm still out the 199 euros.

This is a scam. Stay away.


Eventually did get signed up & was given access. So far am very impressed with the quality of their calls. The individual running spreadone is somewhat abrasive, the sign up process is not user friendly, and all other aspects of the above review are applicable. However, so far I'd have to say I think the trading skills of this individual appear to be first rate. Will update this review further in the future.
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I have lost about 40 K$ on it signals. They told about maximal drawdown - about 130 pips. Its a lie!!! 150-480 and more pips, and no guaranty of price go back. 31 of october they starts buy EUR/USD at 1.4080, strong buy was at 1.4050.(they says that City and Goldman was long 600-800 mio), Than price go down to 1.36 at the end of day. I, and lot of other customers lost all money. They always trade against trand, and use martingale without stoploss. Keep away!!!
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valerii hit me on ymail @ chasepips@ymail.com i can get you 100 dollar daily back !!
never use lpoa on ppl you dont know !!!

use your own secured vps and apply a good strategy > leave it untouched
secondly diversify your strategy means

strat 1 account 1
strat 2 account 2

40k devided into 20k withdrawl after 1 or 2 reaches 40 k and decrease volume