Stabilis Lucra, is it real or another EA from the Forex Mafia?


The owner of VALFOREX is based in Naorobi (called: Warren, seems very active in slandering numerous trading educators in the market (including Nial Fuller who I have trained under and rate highly) BUT he then goes onto promote some very dubious services including binary options companies - many of whom are scams themselves. It seems he is just lining his own pockets through dragging other people's names through the mud and promoting his own very questionable services.

What is ironic is this guy even sells his own products yet he had no trading track-record, no broker statements to prove his skills, nor any evidence of being published anywhere other than his own website (he claims to have been published via

I personally think he writes slanderous and defamatory reviews to gain the position of "expert" and the trust of the reader while peddling his own material. But am I being too harsh?

I have written to him floating this...but as I predicted, no response. How convenient.

So, For me having read thru just about all the info on Stabilis Lucra I've decided to keep my coin in my pocket. That is at least until Stabilis Lucra has earned the 'FPA Trusted' moniker. I've read enough both positive & negative to keep me on that fence. I'll continue to monitor...