Stalling for Dollars

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Let's Keep Using Our Combined CLout

Well done to FPA for all it's efforts in this arena. It seems the odds are so stacked against the 'little guy' it's not worth bothering to challenge these bullys. But what would have happend to David if he hadn't had confronted Goliath all those years ago?!?

Anyway, we MUST keep the pressure on these scam brokers and let them know THERE IS NO HIDING place! Let's ALL use the power of our MOUTHS, EMAILS, MULTIPLE FORUM POSTS, CHAT, SMS TEXTING to spread the word.

BEWARE and please don't fold your arms on this. Next time, IT COULD BE YOU on the receiving end of this outrageous treatment,

Once a broker has been given the opportunity to defend and exonorate themselves (which is only fair), if found guilty by the FPA Scam Investigations committee, then we really should be spreading the word, relentlessly on EVERY scam operator. These people are sharks and the only way to deal with them is to let them know we're NOT THEIR FOOD! This is the only way they'll respect us.

Brokers have to be MADE to appreciate that they just can't get away with this nonsense any longer.
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