Stock Markets & NZD

In commodity cycle, the markets go up by commodities, in tech cycle by tech stocks and tech innovations and updates,
we consider the next week news of Microsoft an indicator for an correction for the bear market rally.

failed speculators, was building blocks to oil performance, this will result into very huge and rapid rally for oil confirmed
by Haliburton which await the oil price to be priced into company performance in the first quarter of 2010.

Tech innovation inside commodity cycle is opposite for market direction, market will go up and down and up, but oil
remain in rally since we are in bear market rally of commodities, Dow will not go to a new record before the Nasdaq in
next tech cycle will make or register the new record to join SAP and DOW industrial record in commodity cycle.

The maket will go Down by Oil rally, Microsoft release the Windows based on improvments in consumer spending confirmed
by business reports from Germany and USA.

Spending will not be a level which will satisfy investors, markets will crash later, the spending in tech will remain weak doing
to oil rally, and this was confirmed by Micron flash perfromance which was very strong and dell weak perfromace, people buy
memory to upgrade windows not new PC or processors.

Dow will go from aroud 10.000 to around 9000. NZD from aroud 75 to around 63.

Just to not that oil was very stable around this levels.

This is cash, Governaments and Companies try to make cash!

Roberto Jbili