Alert. The SCAM outfit know as stonehedgefx is now known as It didn't take a lot of research to find this. After scamming God knows how many people they just changed their website and name to make it look like a different company.

They called me the other day to offer me an investment opportunity just like they did 2 years ago and was scammed BTW so I played along and requested all the information and when I told them I had 50K to invest they sent me all the info faster tan the speed of light. To my surprise I found that they use a bank in Costa Rica. For my advantage I have some good friends in Costa Rica so I told one of them who lives in San Jose to go check the address of the beneficiary acct and they told him there was no stonehedge office in that location. I guess when some invests somebody goes to the bank and withraws the money and put it in their pocket.

To anyone Reading this be careful and don't get fooled by this outfit.
Try to get as much info as possible and share it with the regulators in all applicable countries.
Indeed they are the same, in their original website they have the same UK company number # 08482259 which is dissolved since 2014. Great finding @spyteky
I made a test sending them an email that was on their site, and they answered me back, traced the IP and they are not where they claim to be located, neither London or New York, images below. It seems they are operating from Costa Rica.


Hice una prueba enviándoles un correo a la dirección que se encuentra en su sitio web y me respondieron, rastreé la IP y me doy cuenta que no están ubicados donde dicen estarlo, ni en Londres ni Nueva York. Parece que están operando desde Costa Rica.


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Ellos siguen estafando a mi me perjudicaron. La página que ocupan ahora es, los correos que envían la mayoría son desde Costa Rica. Conmigo hablaba un supuesto asesor de nombre(seguro es falso) Micheal Alfarut.