fyck, I had some hedged positions in my account, and when I closed the winning one (I saw the trend has changed):

then all my open positons was closed in a moment and letter from broker came in my platform!!
Position(s): #2079470480 #2079454060 #2079514340 #2079658985 #2079512506 #2080321381 #2079448519 #2079608740 were closed by dealer.
this was letter I received from FXDD in MT4 platform, and all my hedged positions was closed!!!!
"Positions was closed due to STOPOUT" was in subject window

1. I did close WIning position, so my balance enlarged (no margin call was possible)
has someone met similar situations with FXDD???
they are not answering my emails half day already


Get screenshots of everything. Check the prices that your stopped out positions closed out at to see if price really made it to those levels or not.

This doesn't sound right, but if you closed just before a major news event pushed prices the wrong way, it might be legit. Still, check everything very carefully.

Don't wait for an email reply. If this was a significant amount of money, get them on livechat or on the phone. Unlike some brokers, FXDD has both readily available on their website.

Don't expect the first person you get on LiveChat or the phone to be able to help. They work from scripts and can't always deal with real problems. If the first person can't help, ask for a supervisor.