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Discuss Storm FX Marketz Forex/Crypto Broker has a special HYISA Savings Account Program.

General discussions of a financial company
The clawback risk mentioned above is real. Persons who had money invested with Madoff and had wisely taken their money our two years before the unwinding had to return their money to the bankrupcy trustee.
I don't care to give you my former forum name here because you want to ultimately bash me in the end for even being a member of your forum as a trader just as you want to do to me as a broker. You already know who I am by my IP address and logins in the backend of the forum CRM with all the passwords in your SQL database. You have the forums all seeing eye I don't need to share what you already know.

I'm the one with the all-seeing eye. I was distracted by the other parts of your argument until you said this.

The person you speak of "viper7o3" is a person who I know personally and he is actively promoting Storm FX Marketz as an influencer. I know him he is from my own blood.

In the USA, the Federal Trade Commission requires disclosure when a person who is more than a client or potential client makes a post promoting a company.

At minimum, viper703 is a Spamvertizer who has broken FTC rules.

You say he is related to you. Based on IP usage, I believe he is you. Both of you share the same ISP and have also used the same proxy/vpn.

Either way, viper7o3 has broker forum rules regarding spam by being a shill for your company. He is now banned.
So, Pharoah are you saying you do not want to see such programs on brokers who cannot accept clients from the USA. Or in your eyes what is a percentage that you would not flag as a ponzi.

Would you rather us lower our percentages to 0.1 % return a month up to 0.3% a month would you still as a client consider a Ponzi.

We want to know from our marketing stand point. Or would you like to see such program completely eliminated for your stamp of approval.

We were just trying to figure a way to let clients from USA benefit from our fund managers trading activities, since US traders are not allowed to trade with us due to leverage and instruments we offer in cTrader.

I am from USA myself which is why we have client relations out of USA and yes that is a colocation address My team and I have access to. Most of our operations are run remotely but for team meetings we use the address listed in the website located in USA.


Storm FX Marketz,


We were trying not to be greedy keeping the over 600 percent returns we would generate from clients funds per month. But if factions of percent's paid lower to clients like most banks do with people savings accounts when they require to keep 25 USD for paying their customers 0.025 APY a year.

All know that banks pool all savings account funds together for trading in the forex markets than apply HFT strategies to that pool to generate thousands percent returns. But if lowering percentage ROI a month was fair for Pharoah to suggest it then we can lower to 0.01% to 0.03% return a month and keep bigger profits for us, if that is what you are suggesting Pharoah.

We were just trying to be fair and include the investor in more of the profit my fund managers are making per month. Or in short the program can be eliminated all together. So you stop calling our brokerage a scam/ponzi which we are far from.

We want our traders to success otherwise as a true A-book we are not making anything from traders losing or failing.

Just to let you know Morgan Stanley does HFT all day internally. And generates a ridiculous percentage of returns. I used to work for Morgan Stanley and I know how many thousands of percent ROI in month was generated. They have whole data centers dedicated just to HFT. Mind you Morgan Stanley is pure B-Book Model. Only A-Book for certain government entities.
What is your NFA (National Futures Association) and CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) registration numbers? Let's see what they have to say about your disclosures, KYC and other requirements for US investors! If you are a legit broker you will have no concerns to provide this information. Any investor can call them, share what you posted here, ask questions and share details of the scheme being promoted. I am sure they will be more than happy to give advice on whats required under US laws versus your promotions and offerings.
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Simple HYISA will be removed and we will give money back plus investors gains. Call our broker ponzi still without HYISA.

Anyone who is apart of our HYISA program we are in process of returning all of your funds if you stumble across this forum. Due to allegations of Ponzi from this fintech site. We will explain to members why our HYISA was terminated for allegations of Ponzi by this forum.

HYISA eliminated. I will leave my finance team an email to make all returns to investors their principle plus interest earned through their HYISA. You will find the following message on our main page now for our account holders it is high lighted in red for Pharoah to see in screen shot. We will leave it up until my finance team process all returns. View attachment 92130

Without HYISA you will see Pharoah's response will say this proves you are a Ponzi. But what Ponzi's returns all investors money and still runs normal trading operations.

Tried to let USA investors on our platform somehow but it seems Pharoah is against such actions. Therefor I am the Pharaoh of my company and will axe the HYISA then. Just keep my hedge funds manager trading company funds internally for our own private gains in that case. So Storm FX Marketz HYISA account holders you can thank Pharaoh and his fintech forum for this decision of mine. And no Pharaoh I am not one man operation. Like I said call the number on site or come to my office and meet me and my team directly in Sterling Virginia. We invite you and your team Pharaoh. Come call us Ponzi in person please.

Client Relations Office:

21580 Atlantic Blvd
Ste 120B PMB 1021
Sterling, VA 20166
United States

Client Services Phone: +1-800-619-0918

And yes this shared colo office so we need to make an appointment and we will meet you in office once you give us your date and time of arrival my team works remotely so we will all come there just to meet you and your team Pharaoh.

You will learn all you want from us.

We respectfully wait your reply.

The Entire - Storm FX Marketz Team.

All investors money plus interest sent back.

Send more fintech war our way Pharaoh. After we sent all money back, what other Ponzi activities have we committed lord Pharaoh?


No more HYISA how else due want to continue fintech war Pharaoh to Tarnish Storm FX Marketz.

We are still waiting for you to call and accept invite to visit our office. We will give you all company details, our names, exclusively just for you just like we do with big clients. Then you can come back here to share more negative feed back after we give you positivity.

Storm FX Marketz - Team

If not comfortable with our office location lets go directly downtown to DC at CFTC headquarters along with SEC. Its right down the street from us. We are more than happy to meet you there too with the CFTC regulatory agents as well.

CFTC Address: Address: 1155 21st St NW, Washington, DC 20581
CFTC Phone Number: (202) 418-5000

FPA Forums Team Note: We have merged a number of your posts to make this thread more compact.
Does your company also sell wedding dresses or share an office with Bella Mera Bridal Boutique?

Is viper703 also helping to market the wedding dresses? As reference this is not the correct forum to solicit buyers for wedding attire.
Hey Mr. StormFXMarketz owner,

You keep acting like your offer to meet proves you weren't trying to run a Ponzi. Here are just a few Ponzi schemers who met face to face with their client-victims:

Charles Ponzi accepted cash directly from clients.
Bernie Madoff was willing to meet with large investors.
David Merrick, CEO and President of TIRN, held seminars.
James Ossie and Robert Gaubert of CRE Capital Corporation invited people to their offices in Georgia, USA.

I can provide more examples if you like. All of them openly shared their names in advance instead of being anonymous. I guess some scammers are braver than others. ;)

My primary goal at the FPA is, always has been, and always will be to help protect traders and investors from dishonest companies and individuals. That's why I signed up as an FPA member. If you really ever had been actively reading the forums, you would have seen multiple instances were I had to explain to traders that no matter how good or bad their broker is, a self-inflicted margin call is not a scam. You also would have seen multiple instances where I assisted traders and companies in reaching reasonable resolutions to client issues. And, of course, you would have seen plenty of scammers pretending that I exist only to make unfounded accusations of scam and then play the victim card to try to gain sympathy and credibility. Attacking those who ask questions and point out issues is a very common tactic among scammers.

I've already indicated that I may be willing to meet, contingent on you making good on your bold claim about how easy it is to meet with (and possibly have lunch with) the CFTC Chairman. Surely if this is possible, it would have taken you less time than you waste on insults and bluster to send one of your claimed partners, hedge fund magicians, or lawyers over to the CFTC's offices (you've proven quite thoroughly that you know the address) and get the letter needed to once and for all prove your HYISA scheme was legitimate. If you really believe that meeting with the CFTC chairman is so easy, why are you afraid to do it without me being there to hold your hand? Your utter failure to seize what you claim would be an easy way to prove your honesty speaks volumes.

And now it looks like we very likely know the reason you were terrified to reveal your claimed FPA account name. Looks like the OP, Mr. viper7o3 is very likely to be no one other than the guy you see in the mirror every morning. You bragged about having an old FPA account to try to gain credibility and didn't think anyone would bother to ask about it. Once I did ask, you've been risking severe brain injury from the mental gymnastics you've been doing to avoid answering that very simple question. This would make sense if you are the same person as viper7o3. Alternatively, he really is your relative. If so, he agreed to throw ethics and the law out the window to provide an endorsement of your Trust me bro, it's not a Ponzi scheme without bothering to mention that conflict of interest of being related to the company owner. Both options firmly indicate that you have been acting in a disgraceful and less than honest fashion.

I'm glad you mentioned your old domain name, StormFxMarkets. So, your great business history was changing from MT4 to cTrader (while changing to a poor choice in spelling), followed by using a shill (or your multi) to try to promote what looks very much like a Ponzi scheme in a forum that was founded to help warn traders about scams. Again, if you had ever bothered to read the forums, my appearance in a thread promoting a too good to be true fixed return on investment should have been completely unsurprising.


How many times do you intend to announce your departure, only to come back and announce it again? This is one more way you show the whole world that you aren't very good at keeping your word. I wonder if you'll reload and come back to shoot yourself in the foot a few more times.
The person you speak of "viper7o3" is a person who I know personally and he is actively promoting Storm FX Marketz as an influencer. I know him he is from my own blood. He said he received an email directly from one of your moderators.

It wasn't just a direct email from AsstModerator, I am the one who mentioned his user ID to this thread with a question about his presence here, I got his reply via private message but not here, I am sharing the screenshot of the private message here for reference purposes.

All I see is a new "thief" that has just learnt outdated and dumb tricks of the old gang (sorry, you probably think FX community is the same as it is 20 years ago). The dumbest part is coming over to defend which proves he's going to jail soon for being dumb (probably will be having his best lunch in there... Smh). They always act dumb while thinking they are smart. Where you think you're hiding Interpol will fish u out soon.
Yes lets meet. We are ready

This is not scam as I say. We were start honest family broker. With my brother, I, two others, and we built a small team. We wanted to get in trading industry after visiting IFX expo.

We did not know this is wrong to promote this way and still learning of promotion methods. We did not try to scam anyone this not our intentions.

We even remove our hedge fund managers methods for help others in USA that cannot physically trade. We are new broker learning and understanding operations. We are offshore and unregulated but we seek to gain regulations as this is best for everyone.
We understood that after what you say to us about Ponzi and how that works we see the how that can now be perceived there for it was removed. And my brother does stay at my place sometimes it is true he works with me to promote in his spare times.
We did not know this is wrong to promote this way and still learning of promotion methods. We did not try to scam anyone this not our intentions.

We even remove our hedge fund managers methods for help others in USA that cannot physically trade. We are new broker learning and understanding operations. We are offshore and unregulated but we seek to gain regulations as this is best for everyone.
You are not registered or regulated in the US but you want to meet with the CFTC so you can admit to breaking US laws?