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Discuss StraddleTraderPro.com (Dustin Pass)

General discussions of a financial company
Straddle Trader - who saw the web seminar

Did anyone know the web seminar was not live as advertised. It was moderated by some service or call support, but the webcast itself was pre-recorded and all the so-called live Q @ A was never answered/responded to,...it was just huff and bluff with made up answers based on what they perceived the questions to be.

I logged in and posted a few questions after watching the webcast ,none of which were answered. So I typed in "is this really Live" and I got a response, "yes" ask me any randon question, whereon I asked that they mention my name on the audio presentation which was still ongoing and answer my previous questions, - only then did the so called "moderator" admit the presentation was pre-recorded and then went on to explain how this was done for tech. reasons, blah blah, - so why the so called live Q & A gambit, and me having to log in a 2am Perth time (Australia) , when the whole thing was a recording ! Could have just posted it on the web to watch anytime,- Misleading, Deceptive, - not a good way to prove integrity for the product I would say.
They dont tell u up front its $2000 for a simple ea that simply moves to BE after what pips u say....

I am sure a normal skilled Mt4 programmer can make this for $100 .....

I have had simple things like this made in the past for $20 ....

funny how marketing works....
Hype, hype and more hype, not counting the BS marketing ploy being used. Stay away from these guys. The very sad part is that Dustin has enrolled other well respected forex mentor and experts to sell his crap. Just to name a few, Bill poulos and Casey Stubb are peddling StraddleTraderPro. They must be receiving huge commission checks from Dustin. Keep your money people.
Sounds a little too good?!

Just reading another post saying the Bill Poulos is trustworthy? These guys are all the same, all just a bunch of BS marketing. I sent an email and asked them to run a live webinar trading a live news event to prove to me it's legit. No reply. Big surprise . I would not give them a penny of my cash.
anyone got straddle trader pro?

I downloaded the free version of straddle trader pro yesterday but no instructions were supplied in setting up trades either in demo or live account form. the reply i got from the straddle trader people was "you are not a paying member and therefore are not entitled to support"(!!!!!!!!!)
does anyone have straddle trader who can explain simply how to trade plz. todays news trade didnt work dispite the trigger being hit.
any help appretiated. cheers:)
Bought this a few months ago. Haven't made 100 pips on it. Maybe it used to be good, but if FTD is still trying to sell it as a big money maker, its only a money maker for them. The brokers have all wised up to News Trading and jack up the spreads the very second the news is announced. This generally sucks you into the trade without the planned on profit. And as mentioned above, it IS NON-REFUNDABLE if you feel afterwards you were misled with the marketing. IMHO, you'd be better off putting your money under your mattress.