Strange things with FX Clearing


Hi everyone.
I am using FX Clearing because it offers micro centrs account.
But I have strange feelings about that broker.

1) First of all orders are very slow to be executed: 5-8 seconds.
With other broker 2-3 seconds.
What happen in that time?
2)Really often orders are requoted, expecially if I'm winning.

Sometimes positions I try to close, in wich I'm winning 300$, during the time the close order is accepted are transformed in positions in wich I'm loosing 300$. I had much examples of that.

Yesterday night I opened a sell position and the prices for that pair were different from other broker's terminal. 2 pips higher.

this is the screen shot of the moment in wich I had a sell position with FX Clearing: as you see FXPRO and SunSpot give a value 2 pips lower than the MT4 terminal in the background. Strange?
Is strange too that other pairs are not suffering of the same "shift". Look at GBPUSD for istance.


In normal condition (I'm out) that shift on EURUSD is not available, as you see from the screen shot downhere.


The order I made is strange too because the price in wich it has been opened is significantly OUT of the price in this timeframe. Even if you count widened spreads. Look at the order 5523544: time:23.25 Price: 1.4922. Price on graph in this time frame: 1.4926. If you count the spread of 2 pips the order price should have been 1.4924.
Anyhow that is not so important because when I open an order I have to wait 5-8 seconds to have it executed. So who knows what happen in that time.


The most fastidiuos thing is the late in order execution. it is much, much more than with other broker. 2-3 times and too often is requoted.

I asked the FC Clearing support about that problem and they said:

1) "slow order are due to slow internet connection. " I replied I have one fiber 120 Gbit connection with 15 / 7,5 Mbit reserved and they didn't reply to that.

2) "Since all brokers have different feed suppliers, the quotes may vary
but generally they are very close call. And you can see that
difference on your screenshot."

I would like to ask for an opinion from Forex Peace Army.
Thank you for your help.
Ping their server and compare the response time to servers of brokers with faster execution. If it's about the same or even faster, send that back to their tech support. Also, let their sales department know that you'll be publishing the results of this test.
Hi Pharao,
thank for your help.

I would like to precise I am not that kind of trader who look for pretest to cover his missing of capacities, as every day i gain really well (in percentage, unfortunately), and even with this conditions today I took 16% of gain from my account. If closing and opening position would have been faster I could took at least 20-25%. (I can send yesterday and today reports, if you don't belive.

The problem is that I don't know if I can trust in this broker or it is making me fool and risk my money with it.

I have executed the ping.
With Fx Clearing 112-126 ms (
With FxPro 44-47 ms (
three times longer but i think still good. 70 ms of difference I don't suppose change the result in such terms.
The problem is somewhere else!

Have you any idea more?
Just for fun, ping their demo server (and re-ping their live server - we need to be fair and make sure pings are under the same internet traffic conditions). Also, test a few other broker's live servers.

If their demo server is a LOT faster than their live server (test them a few times if this happens, just to be certain), that's a good sign that it's time to close your account, leave a 1 star review, and find a new broker.

If the ping speeds are comparable, ask their tech support for any other help they can provide. If they can't, change brokers.
Hi Pharao.
I tested the route and I found a problem in New York with the so called "Fortress" server of, that I suppose can be the connection provider of Fx Clearing. In Telia warehouse the signal is lost for about 0,7 seconds, so as the signal has to transit through it at least 3 or 4 times it means a loss of 3 seconds.

I printed the screen of the traceroute that is cleary evidencing that problem and have sent to customer support to try to verify the possibility to do anything.

As answer, the kind customer supporter accused me that as in the server there are a lot of relogging, I am cheating unlogging and relogging later to trade with older prices. Didn't care absolutly to my technical indications. Just accused as I only can be the guilt.

As I am not going to loose my money (or my gain as I was winning in such condition too!) and at same time suffer the insults of my honesty from a girl who doesn't know the difference form a 120 gigabit optical fiber connection and a postal pigeon (as she said my connection is slow!) I withdrawed everything and migrated to better beaches!

I Still don't understand anyhow, why prices slip in terminal against my orders and don't coincide with all the other terminal prices when I open a big position.
Anyhow now is not a problem of mine enymore.

To be truthly I fast received the withdrawed money.
Good man!

When will these bum brokers learn? Glad to hear that they sent your funds though. Our only real recourse as customers is to fire our untrustworthy and dumbass brokers.(before they decide on becoming a deposit only broker). Their crappy trading environment was your 1st clue(happily you listened to your inner self-this time). Their idiot customer service rep was "the nail in the coffin". With so many brokers to choose from, NEVER settle for THAT kind of sh_t broker. Well done!:)