Student Uses Weekly Push-Pull Levels to Bring in Bacon

LR Thomas

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A student of mine sent me this email together with his chart, which I am reprinting with his permission.
“Thank you for the interest in how I was doing since I started the High ROI Forex Trading Course. Well I was successful with 2 trades! The EUR/CAD and the AUD/CAD. especially the first one brought us bacon for a whole month. Just wondering how long it will take for such a set up it might take weeks. Do you see and possible trades that could develop in the near future?”

Here is my answer to him
“To answer your question , its vital that you don’t force trades whatever time frame you are trading. The more systems you trade in tandem the more trades there will be, however what is important is to master one system at a time.
Just be patient and build your account, compounding and high ROI trades will do the work. You just focus on taking the best trades you can find and continual improvement and using good money management. I do a newsletter which goes out monthly where I analyse the upcoming levels for the month as well as analyse the trades for the past month.

Here is the chart showing the four hour entry on the Eur/Cad weekly push-pull. (it is not how I do my charts but the levels and trend lines are easy to see) eurcad.png

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