SUCCESS: Australian Employment gave a move of +60 pips

Felix Homogratus

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Hi there :)

It looks like Australian Employment report hit my trigger, and AUD/USD moved in the right direction by around +60 pips.

In the signal, I told you that if Australian Employment comes out at 20.3 or above, AUD/USD will probably go up by 50 pips or more.

The number came out at 31.2, and we saw a move of around +60 pips. Please see for yourself what happened on this chart:
Forex news trading currency exchange charts

Here is the copy of the signal that I sent you 24 hours prior to this report:

Our calendar feed messed up, so when the report came out, our calendar showed a number of 0.031. Something went wrong on the news provider that's feeding our calendar. In the worst case scenario, you missed this trade, because the number showed up wrong. My apologies for that. This is the first time I am seeing such mess up in a very long time, and I do not expect such thing to happen again. Here is the link to our calendar: Forex news trading calendar with economic events analysis and currency exchange charts

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AUD trade on 12/09/2009

Felix, I'm a new member to FPA and a newbie trader.

I was watching the aud/usd yesterday afternoon when the employment report was issued. Without one knowing ahead of time whether the report was going to be positive or negative, there was no way in which I could have traded. An initial 25 pip move actually started ~ 25min ahead of the report being released? From there on, it took another 5 1/2 hrs for the Aussie to gain another 30 pips ( with a lot of mixed trading during this time ).

My question is - How do I follow your recommendations in order to be on the right side of the trade and also, how long to stay in the trade? I was thinking of jumping in after the initial 25 pip move ( after reading your piece on retracement ), but thought I'd sit this one out and learn from it.

Your help is much appreciated!



Yes, is there any way we can get the report a few minutes before the price move? Or does the price move exactly when the report comes out?

I think the best way to trade this report is to set if/then/oco orders about 25 pips above and below the current price. Twenty-five pips is probably good enough so that the price does not catch the wrong entry order and pull it negative if the price moves against us before moving in the favorable direction.

Again, can we see the actual data from the report about 1/2 minute before the price moves?



Hi Felix,
I am a new member to this forum. Your mails serve people like beacon in hurricane. Keep it up....... All the best. Rajendran


OCO orders


You mentioned OCO orders. I'm currently using a trial MT4 platform and unless I've missed something, it doesn't have the capability to place OCO orders?
Who are some good brokers that have this feature?

Thanks for the help!