Summary of my problem with and alertpay

Juan C.

Summary of my problem with and alertpay

$ 2000 invested in fxch from alertpay.

Results 2000 usd least in my mind.
Alertpay violates their TOS.
Alertpay is an accomplice to fraud.

FXCH: the marketing and the reality

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Hello. I insist on affirming that forex-swiss is one complete and absolute swindle. I perfectly as my robot works. I return to enclose to you three reports. I enclose to you two reports in demo and a report in real. Using the same robot, in the demonstration accounts the robot wins and the majority of positions is positive. In the real account the absolute majority of positions is negative. forex-swiss says that it has the same conditions of market in real that in demo and that is an absolute lie. Forex-swiss manipulates the prices and does all the possible one so that their clients lose the money. Forex-swiss. Forex-swiss says " Mini Trade and standard lots on the same platform and account" False. Swindle. Mini Trade is volume 0.10 and trade standard lots is volume 1. If you pay attention to the reports using exactly the same robot the lots are 0,10, 0,20, 0,30, 0,60 1,60 2,50 et cetera however in the real account the robot unique abre positions with volume of 1 lot because broker it does not allow it. They say that I could stop abrir positions if I thought that they were swindle. If I knew that they were swindle she would have invested my money with them. Create you who if they want all my money they are going to give back a part to me of my money? I am client of another broker as they are, et cetera sometimes I I lost, in other occasions I I won. If the conditions are fulfilled that brokers announce I I do not make claims, but is an absolute swindle.
Results first test counts demo

Associate other connections of Internet that demonstrate that is a real and absolute swindle.
Forex Swiss | FxCh | reviews and ratings by Forex Peace Army
Forex Peace Army custom site search by Google
These guys are blacklisted in switzerland. Here is the link on the FINMA website FINMA - Details
FXCH: the marketing and the reality (fxch =
This video will show you the truth behind the marketing.

FXCH theoretical trading conditions:
1. 24h forex trading.
2. Trading with mini lot and no trading restrictions
3. No dealing desk, no trade against the clients.
4. Instant execution.
5. No requotes or price is out.
6. No slippage on market orders.
7. No differences between demo and real accounts.

Let's check it!

I return to ask for on the part of you the return of my money and the cancellation of the account of I already am this whole which had to say. I have given sufficient tests that is swindle. I will not send but emails seems to me a lost one of time to demonstrate the evident thing. A greeting kindly.
11/01/2012 Mostrar AlertPay Customer SupportHello, Below is the seller's response. Please note that the proof submitted must be in a form of a screenshot indicating usage of the services paid for. Documents submitted cannot be considered as pro

Alertpay response:
Hello, Thank you for contacting AlertPay's Resolutions department. AlertPay regrets to inform you that your request for a refund has been denied. AlertPay is as a payment processing service provider by creating, hosting, maintaining and providing our Service to you by the Internet. When you engage in a transaction, you accept a Terms of Service (TOS), which is applied at all times.
If AlertPay determines that a member has violated the TOS, the complaint is investigated by our Resolutions Department. After examining the specific case and the seller’s Terms of Service, the Resolutions Department has determined that the seller was not in violation of their TOS. As a result, AlertPay cannot intervene in the matter and all further requests must be addressed to the seller in question.
If you have any other questions for AlertPay, please refer to our User Agreement for more information: Regards,

my response:
Hello. I disagree with your decision.
If it is true that forex-swiss has offered a service but not the service I hired.
In the website of forex-swiss announcing a service that I have hired.
The service that I've hired does not match that forex-swiss has offered me. I have clearly shown that forex-swiss ripped me off. You are free to not return my dinero.Son you accomplices of robbers. I will post on all Internet forums that is scam forex-swiss. I will post on all Internet forums that alertpay is an accomplice to scam forex-swiss.Yo publish all of the disputed emails you sent me. Everyone can see how you resolve disputes. I will not use alertpay anymore. A greeting.

Alertpay TOS:

2.2 Your liability
You are responsible for performing your due diligence on any Sellers with whom you plan on doing business. If you neglect to perform due diligence on a Seller and do not receive an item you paid for or receive an item that does not appear as the Seller described it, you will be liable for any resulting damages. However, if you file a transaction dispute, we will do our best to mediate a resolution that will benefit all parties involved.

5.0 Resolutions
5.1 Transaction Disputes
Disputes between you and a Buyer must be reported through Customer Support at or by calling 1-514-748-5774 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Claims must be filed within 30 days of the completed payment.

When handling a dispute, AlertPay will take into consideration the Seller's Terms of Service to which you agreed at the time of purchase. If the service or product has not been delivered as stated, AlertPay's policy will be used in place of the Seller's Refund Policy.
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