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Discuss SummerStreetFx.com (Craig Karlis)

General discussions of a financial company
I have a account at summerstreet fx and have nat been able to contact them for 1 week. I was woundering if they are still there. I can still trade and get feeds but am I going to be able to withdrawl any.
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Richard Germain is the person that is holding our funds!

Richard Germain is the person that I understand is responsable for not honoring our withdrawals. If you started with Summerstreet, Revere Capital Management or FXhighsummit. They are all under the watch of Richard. He is current opening all and responding to some emails, UNLESS they involve a request for a refund. You can leave a message on his cell phone, but he will not call back. All other numbers have been disconnected. I do believe he is down to one feed for the platform and has canceled or dropped an other providors.
They have over $80,000.00 of my dollars and according to one of my resources and the Bank of Montreal, Hawkesbury, On. branch the funds are there.
You can reach Susan Poulin at the Hawkesbury brance at 613-525-2259

What I think is happening, is Richard is using our funds to trade with and his one or more trades went negative back in November. He is hoping that the trades turn around so he can take care of all the withdrawal requests. If he honors the withdrawals now, he is that much closer to a margin call.
Richard has paid one of the old employees a portion of what was owed to him.
You can contact me at CurrencyCowboy@hotmail.com if you have any further information that can help with retreiving our funds.