Sunbird FX: Broker is not returning money.



I have an account with Sunbird FX. My account number is 287622.
The account has $2342.65 as on 27th Aug 2015

On June 18, 2015 I have raised a withdrawal request for a sum of $850.
Withdrawal request ID is: 2116143.

I waited patiently for few days for request to be processed. However there
was no progress on the request. I started following the request by sending
mails to my account manager Mr. Amir Brown.

The mails were sent on Jun 23,25,29, Jul 1, 9, 15 , Aug 3,5,17.
But the withdrawal was not processed.

I have tried reaching their online support and on their suggestion raised another
request with reduced amount of $500. The request id is : 2340339

Even This request was not processed.

It has been more than 2 months now with no money in sight and numerous mail to Mr. Brown is going unanswered and the online support is very rude and uncourteous.

I now want to close my account and get my money back from this broker. Please help


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Go ahead and invite them to join this thread

also Other suggestion is you can go to their social media page and share you story as a comment and also share this thread`s link with your story.

Also share your review at FPA Review page here Sunbird Fx - Forex Peace Army

If you deposited Money via credit card then talk with CC department as soon as possible.
Добрый день! SunbirdFX не только не возвращает деньги, он их еще и цинично ворует - завлекает клиентов акциями, сливает депозит своими специалистами, а потом исчезает - ни ответов, ни приветов! Я запустил свою линию по компании с предложением наказать мошенников - они не должны находиться на рынке и обманывать людей. Прошу также поддержать мою инициативу. С уважением Темчук Александр