SunbirdFX - No response, not withdrawing money in account


I opened my account with SunbirdFX years ago. Before I have deposited and withdrawn money from them, nothing seemed wrong at the time, around 2014/ early 2015. Recently I decided to trade with them again, and did 2 deposits on an account for $500 and $2000 in Feb 2016. Since then I made some profit and withdrew $760 in April 2016. It did take 3 weeks, and I was concerned. When they finally did a bank wire, I was relieved, but have requested another withdrawal as I had some profit. Currently there is over $3400 in my account, and have requested multiple withdrawals. They are not responding to emails, their telephone number is out of order, and the manager assigned to my account is not replying.

I want to draw my money out and close my account due to the bad service, but no response for over 2 weeks now. If I get my money I will post it here. Otherwise I will keep on commenting and want to open a fraud and theft case against them if possible. I know how long these cases can take, and I am willing to go through with it. Compound interest should also be added as well as all the money a person spends in such a matter.

I hope this does not have to come to that, as all I want is my balance in my account. I really didn't think this of SunbirdFX.

If anyone has any contact details for them, please advise.

Got a support agent on response today. I was told my withdrawal transaction has passed through various departments already and is in process. I am happy to hear that, and like my last withdrawal maybe it just takes that long. They might be under-staffed or have a system that is not as fast and efficient as it should or could be. I guess if that is improved, SunbirdFX might still be a very competitive broker. I will keep this post up to date, so others with same concerns might read this to lift those concerns. Seeing is believing, and I tell it like it is. I believe in truth, honesty and transparency. So I will update this thread as and when I can confirm the withdrawal's completion.
Have any of the past customers who tried to withdraw from them get anything out by following the instructions here?

They are so rude and unhelpful on the support chat.

In 2014 James Bale paid my money back, $2000. And a few weeks age my broker with SunbirdFX that now disappeared off the radar, Chris James (who they say is on holiday), bank wired me $760.

So I don't know whether its a waiting thing or what. When the people on this site stop commenting, does it mean they got paid??

Thanks for the interest in people's affairs that are getting scammed. If this thing carries on, is there a possibility that the FCA will open a court case and try and recover the money?
My account manager has called me. He has been in an accident. I'm sure now that he's back things will run smoothly....
My account manager has called me. He has been in an accident. I'm sure now that he's back things will run smoothly....
Keep asking for your withdrawals! They are processed by Finance departments and not by account managers! In addition to that, Sunbird is not a regulated broker, you should stay away from such companies.
Thank you, I will. The only person I ever had contact with and assisted me was my account manager. Without him, it's very hard to communicate with them. Thank you for the information, last I asked about regulation license, they told me they were in the process of applying. This was in 2014.