SunbirdFX withdraw request ignored.


So i just recently decided to go away from SunbirdFX after a terrible costumer experience and reading up on the forums here.

My problem(s) are as follow:

1 - solved:
After registering at sunbirdFX back in march 2015 they never uploaded my personal files so back in June 2015 when i wanted to withdraw my money they told me i needed to re-upload everything (while there website was broken so i could not do this at all). After 4 to 6 weeks of back and forth i finally had my files uploaded and was able to use the withdraw function.

2 - ongoing:
So here we are now, 1 week after the withdraw request i have not received or heard anything from sunbirdFX, the balance on my trade account is still the same as pre-withdraw and there is nothing on my bank account either. I tried to phone my account manager Nikita Sakharov and surprisingly he called me back, started a sales pitch that everything will be better now he was my account manager and so on. Then after i insisted all i want it my money refunded and i do not care for the bonus equity credit loss (since i'm planing on leaving them anyways) he promised me to call me back which didn't happen of course.

So now my question is, if any of you have found a work around to get (all) your money back since Sunbird-FX also seems to have the habit of only doing a percentage of your total request (as i read up on FPA).

L.Wolters (ScaldNL)


Invite Sunbird to come to this thread and explain why you can't get access to your money.

If they don't bother to reply by Monday, file and FPA Traders Court case.


I am inviting everyone to report this scam to

Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia

The investigation Department, Division of illegal income legalization.

Investigator: Mikheil Jinjolia ;

Mobile:+995 577 288 116;

Email: .


Address: Gorgasali N24, 0114 , Tbilisi, Georgia

If the bank that you deposit your money was in another bank look for the chief prosecutor in that country. Speak to the local embassy to get some help
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