SungerFX Scam Backfired


Attached some relevant pics. Believe my scammers mission went sideways. Ha ha...don't get too excited, the CIA pic with submission is related to something else. Yes I'm applying. It's legal to disclose you're applying. Nobody really knows if did or didn't right? It works in some unique ways with online dating. The allure and intrigue, suspect what happened with Paul undoes scam, they basically fold, put their cards on table or run for hills. Paul gave me absolutely everything. And admittedly I didn't trust him right from start. Admittedly...think we mutually fell for each eachother. He's the most beautiful creature you've ever seen. And emotionally wrecked by his use of brilliance towards crime. He's from Oslo, Norway. Mom is named Ellie, a highly specialized pediatric neurosurgeon near Oslo. Dad named Andreas, an Oslo finance professor. He mentioned some Islamic activities that his nephew Iris graduating from Boston MIT soon wanted help with. Sounded nefarious, but Paul and myself discussed the peaceful Islamic nature that should prevail. Paul states 20% of his money is on SungerFX. Transferred 40K into my current SungerFX brokerage account. Was able to transfer around $490.00 to Kraken once. Need to be able to email someone this information. Paul ended up threatening suicide twice. Took me 7hrs getting him off a hotel rooftop so he didn't "take a flight between heaven and hell and have local news write prominent businessman committed suicide and have his attorney call me with my portion"

To validate myself I will provide my LinkedIn profile and email to a moderator solely. I need to remain incognito myself for awhile. Can help people who have lost money to these. There's IRS Whistle-blower that can be filed direct. The monies lost are deducted from taxes owed on income realized.

I can still reach John Paul. His main analyst Mike, a Harvard graduate have pic Paul gave me. Gave me the entire CFD strategy and Tech Analysis paper he wrote. He predicts btw...Bitcoin will not exceed $100,000 this year...ha ha. He's truly brilliant. Highly emotionally unstable. Has an 80K/yr bodyguard, home in Chicago and Norway. Pic of friend cooking at barbecue in FL and the hotel balcony photo. We spoke on phone. Has an unusually high voice for his build but distinct Norwegian accent.

He gave me pic of gentlemen named Wen Chen, multiple pics. Said he is New York fitness owner and interesting character and wanted to introduce me. Gave me pet names, "snail and Queen Lisa". He made mistake of using his personal handwriting to write "Queen Lisa I Lve You Paul". The "P" is in a script so distinct it's identifiable.

He has a bit of a sadistic nature, asking if for sexual fun I would enjoy rape. Said "you mean like rape..Lol". Referred second time to Wu Yifan and wanted to cuff me. Said I don't understand the harsh way he loves me. What he doesn't know is I can write his criminal minds profile by autobiographical and photographic memory without all evidence. Screenshotted everything. From August 4th, 2021 he spent every moment of everyday worrying about me, telling me everything about himself, trying to make me 1 of the 100 forex futures analysts, trading by CFD with them.

Think he wants out but has no way out. No excuses for it. Suspect he took off for Japan last. I know his weaknesses and how to get him to start communicating. His emotional IQ not as strong as intellect. Suspect he got himself in too deep very young. Had Ferrari at age 30. Have pic of him in it. His birthday is November 15th, 1986 if he is indeed now only 36. Told his parents he was bringing me home to meet me and then my kids. They want him out now. Said his father would disown him if he didn't become a responsible husband and father to me and kids. I'm 47. His life, his family in Oslo ..his mom around 70 with recent afib like recovery from cardiac event, older brother, Iris nephew, his actual team if they are legit....myself and my kids...could have death threats or worse. If I pull the IRS Whistle-blower on him, Paul stated "he has enough money to shift US economy" "Has billions in investors under his team of 100. They have 95% guaranteed accuracy upon gold based once to twice weekly trades". They do. I've done it. He taught me. I intentionally dumped my money, 200K out of MT5 because didn't want comingled with tax evasion disclosed.

You guys are experts on the yomaniap scam would presume. It was the last thing he sent...see pic. Called the 2nd suicide bluff, but was genuinely concerned as would be for anyone. This may sound typical for scam situation but do know he loves or has very strong attachment to me. But there are a lot of eyes on him. His computer is controlled remotely, communicates on WhatsApp and have 2 phone numbers know how to reach him still. He responds to a few triggers and past emotional traumas we shared.

He does think he's invincible. Sent emoji Ninja and sexual remark about me representing US and him Japan in bedroom...after found him to ensure he hadn't taken life 2nd time. He attempted to play that didn't know me, ignoring my questions to see if he's ok...but has many distinct poker tells..question marks always spaced ? ?...2 spaces. Prefers specific emojis‍♂️. Also a ninja and would often send brown thumbs up or ok emojis. Sounds out there but he was subtle sometimes indication sometimes and blatantly providing entire business model others. Knew he was being monitored by a NY cybersecurity firm. Sent me...ha ha one of those dic pics they do enjoy sending online...just admit's ok:) And said they contacted him to have me delete from my phone and computer. It was him...ha ha. Pic behind thin fabric. Photographic memory...didn't need the pic. Respectfully deleted. Only pic I did delete. He said he deletes pics I send to protect my privacy. Sent me angry red faced emoji when they contacted him. Said his privacy is not his privacy. Has a mind seemingly more brilliant than have ever seen. Studied and has Master's in Economics and Finance. Studied in Russia and China. Wanted us to buy a villa in Sanjay, China near his school friend. Think he's the mathematical mind behind the yomaniap scam, but under extreme duress and coercion by an international force he can't completely contain. Discussed his anxiety and depression but doesn't fit the blackbelt in TKD, healthy green juice pic sent from FL hotel. His Florida friend may have interest with government. Had NCIS ball cap on. I didn't give Paul much to work with regarding my CIA app. It's not been submitted but do have some strong political contacts. He doesn't actually know if I am or not I think. It's potentially viewed as protection to him or exposure. His affections for me are quite strong, but think he's told exactly how and when the relationship can progess. There's more.

It takes a team here. My information could provide a central theme to many of these. Have his personal ETH wallet address with another unusual identifying number. Was able to transact around 500.00 once after dumping rest into Kraken. These scammers are universally or centrally linked somehow. Keep you're friends close and you're competitors closer. Paul may be the unifying theme, but very tightly controlled. He views his protection as privilege states nobody can find him, he's not ready to surface. It pains me because we did bond strongly but he would take his life Believe. There's an unusual circumstance with his ex wife from S Korea whose name may be translated into Karina and son who would be 1 meter tall now missing. Told me she cheated on him. Reason a woman would disappear with this boy extremely unclear. This was his extreme trauma and I listened. Drew him close quickly. Built bond fast. He went to Russia and Finland looking for them. When we split at 2nd threat...see pic, he put Karina and some other Czech or Ukrainian looking woman in his WhatsApp avatars. Think he may be in Southeast Asia looking for them one last time. I'm not certain someone else didn't nab them to weaken and control him. It's his Achilles heel. There is a very very slight possibility that he may try to reach out to me somehow again if can't find them. Said if I betray him "he'd never trust another woman again". I didn't betray anything. We never slept together. I didn't follow making enough money on my own fast enough for him. He never stole anything from me. Think sent that yomaniap link because initially I was intended as scam. Perhaps they would have yet forced him to make me a scam to keep him controlled. He mentioned once I could put profits into his account if wanted...uh no. He didn't press it. Told me to apply on SungerFX for membership once hit 1 million and live off the 0.2% gained interest. SungerFX would tax shelter 70% of funding if left on their platform. Could guarantee theres a relationship somewhere downstream with this yomaniap and SungerFX. I may be entered in the "perks" club, unsure. May try an experiment with his information given "as a gift". If the scammers put money into you're account, won't be able to remove any. I was able. Only $500. Then their online chat wouldn't respond to me anymore. Paul said the were having problems with Chinese-US interface. Perhaps he revoked my privileges. Perhaps I can see if able to determine the difference. Hope helps. Will check back as able. Ha ha...if you guys ever need a part time writer might say my experience base is relevant.

The "snail".


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Any updates? Did he promise you the entire world, if only you would trust SungerFX or some other suspicious MT5 broker with as much cash as you could find?

And of course, someone so successful as to need an 80K per year bodyguard to follow him to all of his luxurious residences around the world just happens to have plenty of time to try to pry money out of people he meets online. ;)

Confess that whatever he believes about your financial situation is a lie. Tell him that you have no real assets, can barely pay the rent, just had your used car repossessed, and that if you had even $100 to spare, you'd use it to help bail your brother out of jail. If you can make him believe this, he'll dump you in a heartbeat.
Any updates? Did he promise you the entire world, if only you would trust SungerFX or some other suspicious MT5 broker with as much cash as you could find?

And of course, someone so successful as to need an 80K per year bodyguard to follow him to all of his luxurious residences around the world just happens to have plenty of time to try to pry money out of people he meets online. ;)

Confess that whatever he believes about your financial situation is a lie. Tell him that you have no real assets, can barely pay the rent, just had your used car repossessed, and that if you had even $100 to spare, you'd use it to help bail your brother out of jail. If you can make him believe this, he'll dump you in a heartbeat.
Oh no worries. I'm fairly certain I have made an international forex futures CFD team of almost 100...except "we can't exceed this amount without technological advances" of personal enemies. Military girl, doctorate, 20 years training and let's say highly ex spouse reverse psychology trained. I read his, their chats, played into what wanted to hear and played dirty.

Getting dumped wasn't goal until today. Getting the intel on scam was. He provided all of it because his romantic luring of me was reversed. You'll see on pics. He fell victim to his own sexual desires. Men sing like canaries ha ha...not all...but these kind. If played poor me wouldn't have been given evidence.

They run on lavish lifestyles and gloat and are proud of demeaning others by it. By chat alone he began to see me as they're "equal" and I don't have ton of money. Just put good enough perception to play.

They're criminals. I have a pharmacist degree and am less than 2% of doctorate educated in US. Think and act...only on chat like they do. Don't ever actually hurt anyone or act on anything said. They buy right in. They originally in previous chats wanted to make me team member. Began realizing true nature of these people. The audacity at the cruelty of the manipulative comments.

Put a pig face over one of my pics knew nobody could possibly think such thing. Called it out immediately. He'd back track and apologize. The pig was a bread crumb of evidence for the "shauz....something" type of scam. Fattening up the victim for large profit. Basically laying the bull**** on thick with romance. They promise marriage, kids, this guy Paul told me his South Korean wife, possibly named Karina...unsure....and son mysteriously disappeared. Said he had nightmares of his son and seeing him in dreams "in a bark skirt". Paul from Oslo, Norway. Studied economics and finance in Russia and China.

Said has friend he wanted us to buy villa near from school in Sanjay, China. Said his son didn't like his singing at night. That he would be about 1m tall. And one of main reasons I know he and these people engage in foul play and don't care who they hurt, is because although Paul humanized and bonded a little, he offered no remorse nor assistance to me.

I'm wrecked by ex spouse who set up ruse of years and took my baby boys. You can see it on Tik Tok And under Lisa Hlavenka. I was able to tuck my personal situation aside enough to collect what's necessary. For me personally the money loss not as painful as secondary....attempt to play on my original loss. Paul, Mike his lead analyst in Orland Park, IL possibly at, Karina, Wen, Iris, Ellie, Andreas, guy in Miami with NCIS hat on in photo, Irises dad or Paul's brother both Islamic and brother believe has same name or reversed.

Said they were named by some special Islamic church in Oslo. If I were the authorities or Interpol I would start with those records because there can't be many churches or Islamic churches in all of Norway. Paul says has a home in Chicago and Norway. Probably near his parents. He wanted me to go to Oslo with him Jan 22-Mar 22. His mother's name is Ellie. She's a specialized pediatric neurosurgeon around 70s and had recent cardiac atrial fib like problems. Father is Andreas and is a finance professor still per my understanding. Paul even gave me name's of books he read to gain education. This isn't sympathy here, but think Paul's doomed, he and myself against the world comments that were continuous suggest coping mechanism called Stockholm Syndrome.

I'm not sure if Paul will refund my money, but do want a job writing or researching so that I may take a well overdue reprieve and move to Mazatlan, Mexico. Where can enjoy beach, some enjoyable work...don't mind researching people and working towards stopping this stupidity and starting all over essentially.

Have a specialized photographic memory and highly detail oriented. Pulling money back out of Paul unlikely. If it were it would go back onto SungerFX and likely not be valid currency.

Thank you,

Lisa Hlavenka, PharmD


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Just one of the limited company of a group of shelve companies registered in London.

The corporate secretary of all: UK SINOSIA BUSINESS LIMITED
Companies House registration number: 13059274
Address: Apartment 1804 55 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9EY

About 2300 companies with the same corporate secretary registered at the same address.

The directors are all chinese. The employees behind customer services seems to be Nigerian.

UK is very concilient with those scam companies…

If you have been scammed by one of the shelf companies at this address, first report online then download the pdf and share by email to all the bellow email addresses.

Do another online report

And report the company to Insolvency Services UK:




All the scam forex broker companies registered at the same address flat 1804, South Bank Tower, and same corporate secretary: UK SINOSIA BUSINESS LIMITED: (13812894) (3652120) (13619312) (13709699) (13751102) (13499143) (13360812) (13509874) (13577840) (13608581) (13954574) (13615341) (13615341) (13615341) (13615341) (13615341) (14054464)

The other scam websites copied pasted content (mainly registered in the USA)[/URL][/URL]

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