Sunray Capital Group Ltd scam alert, I have 100,000 USD in my account

Carlos Quintero

Tienes que leer mi mensaje con atención, en Notas, dice que tienes que esperar al menos 4 días.
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Could you tell me how long it is prudent to wait, I have not made the complaint, is it worth it?


Master Sergeant
This is definitely a scam, just stop sending any more money. Report to local police and to your bank.


I entered the company through a woman I met on social networks, I entered 1,000 USD and made a profit of 6000, I withdrew 1800 without problem and the rest I lost buying and selling in the FOREX market, I had confidence and I returned to invest 2200 , I obtained Profits for more than 10,000 in one day, that same day I tried to withdraw 3,500 and they asked me for 15% tax for having earned more than 10,000, about 2,200 USD, days after having paid, at that time I already had profits. of more than 30,000 and decided to withdraw 14,000.

On September 17, 2021 I received a message of the success of the transaction to my email but the money never reached my bank account, they told me `` because your withdrawal of funds is large, there will be a delay in the arrival of the account, fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Hong Kong dollar abroad at all times, now the currency exchange company requires you to personally pay 1468 US dollars of exchange rate difference. ''

After that, they did not reply to my messages, I tried to ask them for receipts or requests to explain the message, but so far I have no response.

I spend a lot of time buying shorts and this company offered me great profits so I currently have a little over 110,000 USD, is there any way to get my investment back and maybe some of my time invested?

the support that the company is real
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So many of These scams floating around.

Please stay away from them. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.