suspected Key To Markets Limited fraud


The broker widens the spread to take an equal stop that has not been reached in such a way as to leave the account without edging positions to protect the account as it was planned, also in an attempt to open other positions after the positions have been closed by them in eding I could not reopen them as the displayed spread was of peaks of over 50 pips, this situation caused me a huge loss (which would not have happened if I had edging positions) I requested several times the register back but the company does not respond to this request
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Anyway, next steps include:

--> Have you written a review of the company?

--> familiarize yourself with FPA's Traders court rules:

--> after 96 hours, you may formally invite the company here:

--> Do NOT abandon this thread. Every week, check back to report any updates from the company and/or respond to any unanswered inquiries.


Please complete all missing steps as soon as possible.