SW1 Options Court Judgement

sw1-options.com website runs on a server in Amsterdam which hides their real location. Other UK based fraudelent companies who use this same server are 1. tsp-options.com 2.wentworthoptions.com 3.ls-traders.com and many other so Billy as I said earlier on this is a syndicate and they run alot of websites now image how many other people are being scammed through these sites yeah a lot.............. There is another company named cwa-options who stole thousands from their clients and dissapeared without a track. So how it works is they have alot of trading website which they clone and use. So for instance you former ''account manger'' probably works for 20 other companies i.e blabla-options.com or **-----options.com whatever name they want to make up they create a site for it and they fish for their prey either through calling or social media where they show a ''trader lifestyle'' which makes people want to know what they do and they want to join.When you call those numbers they are through a company called digital mail who basically sell phone numbers and sell front desk answering services so when you call i.e sw1-options 020 number a worker from digital mail answers prentending to be a reciptionist for sw1 option and they transfers/wire your call the sw1-options fraudsters who can pick either choose to pick up or tell digital mail person to tell you they are in a meeting or something liker that. So trying to catch these guys is like trying to catch air
From what I have seen I believe this whole syndicate i.e all of these fraud companies in 2016 stole atleast £400,000 of ill-gotten money. That is probably split between 2-4 people who run 20-30 fake trading companies
Macgyver has been extremely helpful, he has provided me with valuable information which will be of great use. Thanks to Macgyver.