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Asking questions about a company
Thank you. I was interested in Dukascopy bank sa, they look serious but no NEGATIVE BALANCE PROTECTION. So I am still looking for a broker.
where R U from? cause one of the important factors for choosin a broker is where R U livin
It takes some digging, they say theyre regulated but theres no evidence, even another review site took their word for it.
One thing to Flag, a big percentage are either trading from or use an address in St,vincent islands and the grenadines, and Seychelles, where rogue operators line up.
Ok Im in a group in USA that use them. The organizer reccomends them, which he is trusted. I would have heard if Sway was doing bad because more traders in our group use them. Its hard to find one through investigation. some look bad but their ok, some look good but there frauds.
Heres the lowdown, yes the questionable practices use St vincent/grenadines, but then those that offer high leverage only use that reduced or no regulation territory because of requirements, restrictions. Good regulators require a lot set aside for them to operate, their just trying to get by, and our leader has been with them for years. I dont expect someone to just believe all this but I have nothing to gain.