Randall Behrns

About 3 to 4 months ago, I opened an account with while they still were in Switzerland. They are an ECN (electronic communications network) forex trading firm and the program I wanted to run, FAPTurbo, would run on their metatrader (MT4) trading platform. I wired over $2500 USD to trade and trial their platform. Well, after a week of trial, I decided the program just would not run successfully on an ECN My account balance at this time was 2280 USD. I placed 25-30 trades total,only trading 10,000 lots of the EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, and GBP/CHF currency pairs exclusively. At this time, I decided to close the account and work with a non ECN forex firm, Alpari, here in the United States. Incidentlally, the FAPTurbo program runs very well here at Alpari.

Well, after deciding to close my account with, I disengaged the FAPTurbo program and made absolutely certain it would no longer be able to place trades. I even checked my account daily to make sure everything was ok. But then a funny thing happened, after I requested the account to be closed at the end of April, I could no longer bring up my account on line with them. I didn't worry too much about this, since I thought they were shutting the account down and the money would be shorty sent. Well, they didn't send my money and then they started asking for things like the original paperwork application which I sent to them. Weeks went by and nothing happend. They repeateldly told me the money was safe with them and would be forthcoming. They also said they were in the process of moving to Cyprus and to be patient with them, which I was. But finally at the end of June, I sent them another email requesting my money. I got no response until a few days later on July 2, I get my very first statement of any kind from them and it shows a balance of only $170 in the account. My trades were there for the 10,000 lots I had placed, but there was one trade that showed up for a mysterious trade of a 2,000,000 lot in the EUR/CHF pair which showed a loss of over 2,000 USD bringing the account balance from 2280 to 170 USD. First of all, I had the progam shut down and made absolutely certain the program was not running and fully deacitivated. Secondly, I only traded lots of 10,000 never would I trade 2,000,000. Thirdly this mysterious trade is absolutlely impossible due to the margin and maintenance margin requirements. To initiate a trade of such size would have required an initial margin in the account of 2,000, but then if the trade went bad asthey say,the maintenance margin required would have forced the trade to close. Instead they show it conveniently going to 170. Impossible.

They claim the Expert Advisor in the metatrader platform made this trade in my account. This just isn't possible,bcause as I explained earlier I had the program shut down and checked it daily to make certain. The whole circumstances and situation reeks of fraud. They even claim I am trying to scam them.I just can't believe they would conduct themselves like this. No communication from them, cutting me off from their platform, not sending any statements or emails , not sending the money and then finally getiing a statement with a huge trade that went bad is all impossible. I went to the Swedish Authorities and they recommended a civil suit, but since the amount of money is rather small, by most lawyers requirement, I decided to contact you to get your help. Perhaps you can do something with these people- they feel they are above the law. Any future forex trader needs to be warned to stay away from this outfit.

Randy Behrns


It's amazing the levels some brokers stoop to. Deliberately increasing slippage and requotes. Canceling profitable trades. Killing half of a hedge to set up a trader for a margin call.

This is worse. Fake trades. Do these brokerages really think they can get away with this?


This is another type of scam.This is a very pathetic issue,although FPA has its rules on cases but i wish the investigation committee can take up this one.