Sycamore Options

marvin minney

Please beware of this binary options company. I open a $10,000.00 trading acct., one of their traders,Ales, traded my whole acct. in one day. I did recover $6000.00. I cannot get in touch with anyone to close my acct. I have sent emails but with no response. This all started about 2 weeka
I think you have to make more careful approach to BO brokers and choose them more carefully. Actually BO associated with more risks than traditional trading so choose them carefuly. Thankfully there are some reliableBO brokers who will play fair game with you...
And this isn't the place to try to talk about any allegedly reliable BO brokers. This is the place to try to advise Marvin about how to get his money out of his broker.
If it's a BO broker, I recommend not trying with them at all. Your odds are better placing bets on black at a Las Vegas roulette table.
I wonder what ever happened to marvin. did he get his account closed? i hope so.