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Discuss SycamoreOptions.com

General discussions of a financial company
Hi Soldiers of war (against rip of scoundrels, liars, scammers, cheaters and fraudulent companies)

Guys, Your help and services are once again being called upon. This time it is to take down, shame and name an evil company which has manipulated, scammed, lied and deceived one of your comrades. All those that are active army members or on the reserve, please log in and have a look at the open case against Sycamore options. All the facts and evidence is presented before you for analysis and judgement.

Please help a fellow comrade by replying to this post and giving your insight.

Hi Maria,

Firstly, My issue was never with you, it was with Sycamore. You have been nice and helped me out and I appreciate it. I have stated that on FPA.

Secondly, you state that I wasn't blocked. Maria, for two days straight I couldn't even get past the live chat message screen, although I was trying to get through during your time zone's business hours. I never stated that "you" blocked me. I said that my email address was blocked. By who? I have no idea, BUT MY EMAIL ADDRESS WAS BLOCKED.

Thirdly, if you want to provide all the transcripts of our conversations and post them here, You will have no argument from me about that. In fact I urge you to do so. That way people will get to see how many times I have contacted Sycamore about the issue and how I was lied to and fooled. Yes Maria, even by you. Honestly, how many times did I ask if the company was regulated? If the company was known by another name? If Sycamore was TraderXp? Do you remember saying it was a mother company? And John saying its a sort of trading platform? Do you want me to cont. Please Post the transcripts of our conversations in its entirety, without alteration or discrepancies. No Maria I haven't forgotten how many times I contacted you, too many times than I care to remember.

Fourthly, up until this point, this minute, the only money that I have received is $300 out of the $500 requested on the 17.10 2013. As far as the $3200 or so, I am still waiting. I have contacted support , and they gave me a payment I.D number as verification that the $500 has been deposited. Well, the payment I.D wasn't found. No surprises there. I then emailed support and advised them of this, and I'm still waiting for a reply.

Furthermore, "5-10 WORKING DAYS to receive the withdrawal". It has now been almost 25 WORKING DAYS since the initial withdrawal request. It also has been 5-10 WORKING DAYS in order to receive the rest of the money. I still haven't received it, nor have I been given an explanation as to what happened to the $500 and why it didn't reach my account, and why I have only received $300 thus far.

Maria, I tried and tried to resolve this fiasco amicably, but all I got from Sycamore was grief. This is one experience that I want over. Trading and Binary options has left a very bitter taste in my mouth. The person you are trusting with your money isn't trustworthy, how can you then trust them with your future investments and profits.

Angry, disappointed and frustrated.