thank you dear for your concern
this is the website for that company
about what happened with me they asked me to invest with them and promissed that will gain profits
i beleived and invested with them ,
but i discovered that i have been roped , and their explanation was we lost some deals ,
and we can start new deals by new investment ,
any way i have evidences and mails and bank account of them ,
just i hope such sick people to be stopped doing this ,
thank you .
i think all scams are same they have one rule its to make you invest as much as you can
just with difference of the names
i hope this site can do something to stop these sick liars ,
When were your deposits? How did you make the deposits? How much did they take you for?
Get in touch with the fraud department at your card's issuing bank. Explain exactly what is going on. Explain how "guaranteed profits" only lead to sure losses and more demands for deposits. Ask if a chargeback is possible.

If the bank refuses to cooperate, then you may want to consider professional assistance from a chargeback company. One which is active here at the FPA is WinChargeback.com